Chateau de Montifaud Héritage Louis Vallet - L50

Chateau de Montifaud Héritage Louis Vallet L50 Cognac

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Hors d'Age

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Chateau de Montifaud
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Notes de dégustation

Eye: Dark antique amber.

Nose: Old cigar boxes appear immediately, followed by nuts and spices. Very round and mellow with good rancio.

Palate: The palate keeps the oak light, instead bringing forth an almond sweetness. The finish is exceptionally long. 


Château de Montifaud Héritage Louis Vallet L50 Cognac: Worth the Wait

This is a rare cask-strength release drawn from the Paradis cellars at the Château de Montifaud. After aging in a combination of red oak and particularly old Cognac barrels, the Château de Montifaud Héritage Louis Vallet L50 (Lot 50) Cognac has naturally reduced to around 50%. This Grand Cru blend has been crafted exclusively from Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie laid down between 1947 and 1955, making it an exceptionally rare Cognac. 

Finely oxidized (madérisé), this is a Cognac that has nearly retained all its original fullness, displaying exceptional flavors of nuts and cigar boxes, along with a tantalizing hint of spice. Supple and round, it’s finished off with an unmistakable flavor of rancio. By using old casks for the maturation process, any excess of tannin has been avoided, despite the number of years this has been aged.

The Vallet family have been the guardians of Château de Montifaud Cognac for six generations and are today responsible for 125 hectares of vineyards across the Fine Champagne regions. Specializing in traditional production methods, the family chooses to distil only Ugni Blanc grapes and age their Cognacs much longer than required by law. 

Presentation of the Bottle

With a classic, craft design, this hand-blown bottle features off-white labelling and a cage closure over the natural cork. Other details include the Château's eagle coat of arms and information written in a charming font, resembling a handwritten script. The bubbles trapped in the artisanal glass bottle give a rustic impression to the design, a nod to the old-fashioned processes still used at this humble, family-run estate. Of course, to complete the package, the bottle comes with a fantastic presentation case of polished wood. 

How to Enjoy Château Montifaud Héritage L50 Cognac

This outstanding Hors d’Age Cognac is best enjoyed in a slim tulip glass at room temperature. To lower the alcohol percentage slightly, a small dash of water may be added. Serve as a digestif or alongside a Cuban cigar. 

Avis (2)

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le  11 October 2020
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Good cognac to calm your nerves.

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to a bottle of Chateau de Montifaud XO, and since then, I have a good impression of the brand Chateau de Montifaud. I've been following Chateau de Montifaud's product trends on Cognac- Expert's website, and I bought the wine at a reasonable price point.
When the cognac was poured into the glass, the aromas of nuts and some flowers were added to the complexity of the wine. My daughter couldn't wait to take a sip and said, "Wonderful, mellow and lubricious. "
I took a sip, and it was. The cigar box and oak emerge slowly, then the blossom and some perfume notes emerge insidiously, mellowing the wine and giving it an aged feel, with a long, fun finish.
Just wait for it to change and let it stay with you for the rest of the night.
Thank you to the cognac-expert for an enjoyable evening, thank you!

le  17 August 2019
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Rewiew cognac

I tasted that cognac with my family, and all they say that is very nice.

À propos de Chateau de Montifaud

Owned by the family Vallet for six generations, Chateau de Montifaud Cognac boasts 125 hectares of vineyards that are located in both the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne growing regions. The house produces a large, high quality range of cognacs – including various vintages from years that have had an exceptional harvest. One family tradition that Cognac Chateau Montifaud is proud to follow, is that of when a new baby boy is born to the head of the cognac house, that part of the cognac created from that year’s harvest is set to one side. This is kept for a varying number of years, but may only be sold by future generations.

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