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Braastad XO Vingen Limited Edition Cognac


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Braastad Cognac

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Eye: Deep brown with golden highlights.

Nose: Floral aromas of jasmine, dried fruits, and vanilla.

Palate: The aromas continue on the palate, with elegant complexity, softness, and amazingly well balanced. This Cognac combines power and richness with a wonderful harmony, right through to its delightfully satisfying finish.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Braastad XO Vingen Limited Edition Cognac: for the Adventurous Aficionados

The Braastad XO Vingen Cognac is a limited edition named after the largest ski jump in the world, Vingen. Its expression reflects the true spirit of anyone who dares to brave this famous hill, bringing together audacity, courage and technicality in a delightfully deep and complex Cognac. The bold blenders at Braastad have combined power with finesse and strength with beauty, much like the attributes found in professional skiers. 

This XO is a celebration of the fearless, a formidable blend of several terroirs offering a versatile and well-balanced mixture of fruit and floral notes. This delicate and harmonious balance of flavors reveals qualities similar to a seasoned skier, who, like the experts at Braastad, must harness their technical abilities to find balance, strength and elegance in every step of the process.

Created for adventurous aficionados, this XO is a fun limited edition for all Cognac connoisseurs and collectors.

Presentation of the Bottle

This stunning decanter design boasts a stopper that perfectly replicates the starting point of the biggest ski jump in the world. It's rectangular shape, with small silver ‘windows’, reproduce the viewing point for this famous spot in miniature. The round shape on the body is classic with its curves. Details on the bottle are minimal, with a skier taking the place of the Braastad logo, and the name Vingen placed center-stage in elegant italics.

How to Enjoy

As a delightfully floral and fruity blend, the Braastad XO Vingen Limited Edition Cognac can be enjoyed neat or with a few ice cubes. It would also make a wonderful digestif following a cheese platter, allowing the floral flavors to elevate the creamy textures of an aged Comté for example.

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Über Braastad Cognac

In the heart of Grande Champagne in the village of Jarnac lies the impressive Chateau de Triac. The chateau is the home of Cognac Tiffon, to which the Cognac brand Braastad belongs.

Rubbing shoulders with other famous Cognac houses such as Bisquit or Courvoisier, the brand Braastad was created when a Norwegian named Sverre Braastad married into the Tiffon family.

Known for their devotion to the traditional Cognac producing methods, today the whole process is still carried out at the family premises, and Cognac Braastad’s products are renowned worldwide.

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