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Camus Return To Saint-Aulaye Cognac


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Grape Varieties
Camus Cognac
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Color: Shiny golden with amber highlights

Palate: Fragrant fruity notes of pear, pineapple and a touch of spice.

Nose: Warm and lavish vanilla aromas with hints of ginger and walnut.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


This product will be available on the 26th of April.

CAMUS Return To Saint-Aulaye Cognac: Single-Cru, Single-Varietal Cognac from the last vineyards of Dordogne.

Camus Return To Saint-Aulaye is a small-batch Cognac produced exclusively from Colombard grapes selected from the very last vineyards of Dordogne used to make Cognac. Distilled in 206, this Cognac was bottled at an ABV of 43% on the 4th year of aging and is therefore classified as a VSOP.

With the vineyards grown on a small pocket of land, located in the village of Saint-Aulaye, this Cognac is the final product of decades worth of hard work and determination. With help from the village council of Saint-Aulaye, the house of Camus set out to restore the forgotten area - on the verge of dying out completely from the world of Cognac production. The story of Camus Return To Saint-Aulaye all starts with the vigorous search for local historical archives to source the region’s original production tradition dating back to the nineteenth century. This task enabled a meticulous selection of areas to plant new vines according to the geological nature of the land and its effect on the aromatic profile of the eventual eaux-de-vie to be produced.

Camus is a Cognac house that takes pride in embracing traditional strengths whilst remaining at the forefront of science in striving to reach new levels of intensity in the aromas of their Cognacs. Operating since 1863, the house has succeeded in upholding strong family values across five generations - all in quest of producing the utmost refinement when it comes to the production of Cognac. With a clear picture in mind of future Cognac production, the Saint-Aulaye village council partnered up with Maison Camus in order to craft a Cognac that brings life to the true essence of the forgotten terroir.

Presentation of the bottle

To encapsulate all the key elements of this uniquely produced Cognac, Return To Saint-Aulaye reveals highly symbolic visual features throughout its presentation. Displayed in an elegant cylindrical bottle, the label work is inspired by the iconic Dordogne landscape - elements of nature reminiscent of the vineyard mix with the architectural symbols of the region. Meanwhile, the sensory aspects are brought to life through warm and welcoming colors. The texts and drawings are underlined by an elegant golden thread that lights up the entire bottle, inflicting a touch of elegance in light of the Cognac inside. The premium cardboard box broadens the gaze on the Dordogne terroir, illustrating the journey through the vineyards and the birth of this one-of-a-kind Cognac.

How to enjoy

Camus Return To Saint-Aulaye is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. For an aperitif with class and style, this Cognac pairs exquisitely with foie-gras croutons. Likewise, its warm notes of vanilla, ginger and walnut serve this Cognac well as a delicious after-dinner tipple and accompaniment to dessert; pair with creme brulee for a tasting of pure pleasure.

Rezensionen (2)

Gesamtbewertung 0 1 2 3 4 3,50/5
am  25 June 2021
0 1 2 3 4
Nachgeschmack (Finish):

something different...and learning history

I was interested in the grape as such as uncommon and linked to some history. Of course all is a matter of personal taste.
The nose ... the vanilla side comes along - and the family likes vanilla :-) - with in the beginning a bit sharp, developping into a more smooth and warm way. Surprised than by the palate... a quite strong fruity way which needs to digested but interesting as a feeling. I would wait a few minutes to try again as than your mouth and tongue has the right preparation. The finish gives a mixture of a bit rough feeling whereas you can not compare with a XO etc. so fine with us. As a learning process to taste something completely different than the usual approaches combined with the history we feel it was an occasion. The bottle as such is nice to see.

am  10 May 2021
0 1 2 3 4
Nachgeschmack (Finish):

Not feeling this one

I love Camus and almost compulsively buy all their products. So far I had never regretted a purchase, but this one is unfortunately I wish I had passed, especially because I should have known from the product description.

This is a VSOP cognac about 5 years old from a single estate and on the nose and palate it shows its youth. It is not bad, just not to my taste and the price point should be no more than half of what it is being sold for.

I would recommend you steer clear from this unless you want to have it on your shelves. The bottle does look really pretty.

Über Camus Cognac

Seit 1863 teilen fünf Generationen der Camus Familie ihre Leidenschaft für delikaten Cognac mit einem ganz individuellen Stil. Ihnen gehören 180 Hektar Weinfelder in der kleinsten AOC Cru Borderies. In der Cognac Welt kennt man die Gegend für bezaubernde Eaux-de-vie mit intensivem floralen Bouquet und außergewöhnlichen Reifequalitäten. Von Anfang an gab sich die Familie Camus mit tiefer Liebe dem Herstellen und Destillieren von Branntweinen hin. Aus der immerwährenden Bindung zwischen dem Land, alten Traditionen und den Menschen, die hier leben, gehen fabelhafte Cognacs hervor. Heute hütet Cyril Camus seine familiären Gebräuche, um weiterhin Camus Cognacs in unveränderter Qualität zu kreieren. An der Spitze stehen die Entwicklungen vom Exporthandel und den Produkten. Beide werden von einer Passion fürs Innovative getragen. Cyril Camus ließ die Einrichtung seines Cognac Hauses komplett renovieren. Er vertraute auf eine zeitgemäße Annäherung des neuen Jahrhunderts an den Cognac. Anstelle von Leder, Holz und Samt in braunen Schattierungen wählte er Pastellfarben für eine Kombination aus Klassik und Moderne.

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Besuchen Sie Camus: 21 Rue de Cagouillet | BP19, 16100 Cognac, +33 5 45 32 28 28, www.camus.fr

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