Grosperrin Cognac

Grosperrin Cognac

This relatively new, independent cognac house was created in 1992 and the brand named after its founder. The actual name of the cognac house is La Gabare and it is one of the few independent houses left in the region of Cognac. A family run firm, La Gabare is all about creating and marketing the finest of old cognacs. They do this under two brand names – Cognac de Collection Jean Grosperrin and Le Roch.

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History of Cognac Jean Grosperrin

It was in 1992 that the cognac broker and merchant, Jean Grosperrin, decided it was time to set up his own cognac house. He had worked in the wine industry for many years – firstly as a broker and then moved into the position of wholesale. This meant that he not only had created some valuable relationships with winegrowers in Cognac, but he also became well known by the many merchants who sold the finished products.

It was during these dealings that he became aware of quite how many rare and prized cognacs were being stored in the many cellars of the Charente. A few barrels of old cognacs tend to be handed down over the generations, meaning that there truly were some treasures to be discovered that harked back to the days before modern technology changed wine production to what we know today.

Using his many contacts in the business, this meant that Jean had a privileged pathway into being able to purchase some of the oldest and most sought after eaux-de-vies that had been produced over the decades.

Jean Grosperrin Cognac Today

Today the house is still very much a family affair, being run by Jean and Guilhem Grosperrin.  The Jean Grosperrin cognacs produced are strictly controlled, with all dates and vintages being fully traceable through a number of methods. These include all the cognacs being stored under state control in ORECO warehouses, bottling only taking place in the presence of a bailiff, both the label and cork bearing proven and traceable dates and a bailiff certificate that seals the stopper on the bottle.

News, Products and Prices

The cognacs produced by Jean Grosperrin range in price depending on age. For example, a bottle of Jean Grosperrin XO 1962 Petite Champagne can be purchased for around €250. However, a Jean Grosperrin 1991 Bois Ordinaires might be bought for less than €100. 

If you wanted to purchase one of the house’s extremely old vintages – known as ‘The Treasures of La Gabare’ then you’ll need to have much deeper pockets. Sold under names that denote the growing area and a number – such as ‘Grande Champagne No 24,’ these are the houses most rare and sought after cognacs, with most being limited to a small number sold per year.

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