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Our Cognac Subscription box is a personal Cognac service designed by our team at

Receive Cognacs each month, every other month or per quarter. This service is designed for and around you: once you have selected a plan, you will complete a brief quiz that helps us get to know your personal preferences.

For every delivery, Sophie & Max will hand-pick two Cognac bottles based on your interests and tastes, that will then be boxed up and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Our subscription service offers the perfect opportunity to experience new Cognacs – you’ll be surprised at the vast range of delicious eaux-de-vie delights waiting to be discovered. We select the Cognacs from a variety of authentic producers and famous brands, based around your personality and preferences and are confident that they will not disappoint.

How the Cognac Subscription works

The world’s first and only Cognac Subscription Service

What could be better than Cognac produced by authentic producers and famous brands, selected for you by the Experts?

You select your preferences, and we hand-pick the Cognacs.

What could be better than Cognac produced by authentic producers and famous brands, selected for you by the Experts? 

You select your preferences, and we hand-pick the Cognacs.

1. Your personal tastes

Take a short quiz to help us determine your preferences.

Take a short quiz to help us determine your preferences.

2. Select a Plan & Frequency of Delivery

3. Selection & Shipping

Voilà! Your personalized selection gets shipped out to you for free.

Enjoy and give us feedback for your next box!

Voilà! Your personalized selection gets shipped out to you for free.

Enjoy and give us feedback for your next box!

Monthly, Bi-monthly or quarterly delivery

Cancel, skip or change your plan anytime. Each plan can be set to a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly delivery.

Cancel, skip or change your plan anytime. Each plan can be set to a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly delivery.



2 bottles incl. free shipping

VS, VSOP, and XO Cognacs

Unique local producers

Learn to taste blends of different ages and growth areas



2 bottles incl. free shipping

VSOP, XO, and Vintage Cognacs

Artisanal producers and larger brands

Discover new brands and complex Cognac tastes



2 bottles incl. free shipping

Napoleon, XO, Extra, Hors d'Age, and Vintage Cognacs

Unique bottles & limited editions

For the connoisseur to experience Cognac's complexities

How the Gift works

Give the gift of variety with a Cognac subscription

What could be better than Cognac by authentic producers and rare bottles from known brands are selected for you by the Experts?

You alter the parameters, and we’ll interpret them.

What could be better than Cognac by authentic producers and rare bottles from known brands are selected for you by the Experts? 

You alter the parameters, and we’ll interpret them.

1. Select a Plan & Frequency of Delivery

Mention that it is a gift within the order comments.

2. Print or Email the Gift Certificate

Surprise your loved one with a personalized Gift Certificate, including a link to the taste quiz.

3. The Recipient takes the Quiz

By taking the quiz we are able to determine taste and style.

3. Selection & Shipping

Voilà! We select and ship, your friend enjoys his or her first delivery!


What is Cognac Subscription by Cognac-Expert?

Cognac Subscription is a new Cognac service designed by Sophie & Max and the team of Receive hand-picked Cognacs each month, every other month or per quarter. This service is designed for and around you: Once you’ve selected a plan, we’ll send you a link to complete a brief quiz that helps us get to know you. For every delivery Sophie & Max will choose two Cognac bottles based on your interests and taste, and deliver it in a box straight to your doorstep. Receive your tailor made box and discover delicious new Cognacs of exceptional quality - you’ll be surprised at the range of Cognacs we are able to source for you.

Which plans can I select?

There are three plans. You can also select different frequencies with these plans: Monthly boxes (12 boxes per year), every other month (6 boxes per year) or quarterly (4 boxes per year).

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

Can I purchase the subscription as a gift?

Yes you can. Simply select the plan of your choice, order, and let us know that the box is a gift. We will email you a personal gift voucher for you to print. You can either take the quiz yourself OR we can put the link to the quiz onto the above mentioned voucher so the recipient can take the quiz themselves. If you should have any questions please ask us at [email protected]

Why the quiz?

The quiz helps us to understand your taste and style. We would like to prepare the best selection of Cognac for you. The quiz is the quickest and best way to understand who you are. The more you give us feedback on the Cognacs we select for you, the better our recommendations for you. Take the quiz now.

Can I change the frequency of my deliveries?

Yes, you can go to your account and change the frequency.

Where do you ship these items to?

We do ship to many countries all over the world. For details, please have a look at our shipping conditions.

Who chooses the products that are shipped to me?

We do. Sophie & Max and the team of and the blog at We’re based in the Cognac region, France. Read all about us here.

How do I become a member of Cognac Subscription?

Simply select a plan you like, enter billing and shipping information. Then take the quiz and the journey starts. We’ll then select Cognac that suits your palate. We’ll deliver to your doorstep: Monthly, every other month or quarterly.

Or first take the quiz, then select a plan.

Do I have to be subscribed to order Cognac?

No. Our online store at is open to everyone. But believe us: the subscription mode is a great way to discover new Cognacs based on your tastes.

What’s in the box I receive monthly / every other month / quarterly?

We will personally select two bottles for you each month (or, depending on your choice, every other month or quarterly). Inside the box you’ll find Cognac surprises. The box offers a great way to try out new Cognacs you wouldn’t necessarily find in your country. Let us do the work, you build your collection.

How are the Cognacs selected?

We select Cognacs for different reasons: new Cognacs or editions we’ve found, limited editions etc. Your style and taste has an important impact.

Can I change the Cognacs that arrive in my box?

The Cognacs are a surprise. We will not tell you until we ship the bottles. It really is a Cognac adventure and we have picked them with you in mind.

If your taste changes you can take the quiz again or simply talk to us. If your order has already been processed the change will take effect the next time we ship a box to you.

Can I skip a month?

Yes, you can skip a delivery. Simply let us know and we’ll skip and send you another box next time.

Skip requests should be placed the last week of the month as that’s the time when we process orders. Boxes that have already been shipped cannot be skipped or refunded.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Where can I find the status of my order?

You will get an email notification when we ship your order. Please keep in mind that we ship from rural France to your doorstep. Cognac takes a long time in the barrel to age so please understand that it also takes a little bit of time to ship. Questions: please write to [email protected]

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes of course you can cancel anytime after your first box has shipped.

If your order has been shipped your account cancellation will take effect for the following delivery. There are no refunds for orders that have already been processed.

To cancel a subscription please write to [email protected]

Can I delete my account?

Yes please write an email to [email protected] and we’ll delete all records and order history.

How do I return my product?

We do not offer return shipping. In the case of damage please see below.

What happens if my parcel or item is damaged when it arrives?

We send lots of bottles and it’s very rare that a bottle is damaged. However, please open your package within 48 hours of arrival to verify that the contents of your package is not damaged.

In case of damage and in order to claim a refund or a replacement, you have to report the damage within 48 hours after receiving the package. Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the following details: Your order reference or invoice ID, date and time when you received the package, and detailed photos of the damaged goods. You will receive a confirmation that we received your message.

Please note: If you send the claim later than 48 hours of arrival of the shipment, we will not be able to refund or replace the broken or damaged goods.

What do I do if I don’t like the product I receive?

We personally select the Cognacs for you. If for any reason you do not like the Cognac please retake the quiz or contact us and we’ll discuss in person

What is the delivery time, and who is your shipping partner?

Your package will be shipped from rural France to your doorstep - via the Cognac producer, storage facilities, customs, and our shipping partner. We offer extremely secure packaging and highly professional shipping. It can take around 2-3 weeks to deliver a package from France to the USA and Australia, and around 10 days from France to EU countries and Norway - especially for such a high value product as Cognac. Please bear with us while we get your order to you as soon as humanly possible. As we partner with a third party shipping provider, we are unable to guarantee an exact delivery date.

What are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs are included in the subscription. Yay.

Can I check my order and delivery status?

Yes. We will provide you with a tracking number once your order is on its way.

What about customs, US custom fees, and local taxes?

US Customs charges are already included in the shipping fee of your order. We deal with customs clearance, so no need to worry about that on your end. We are doing our best to ensure that your order is not subject to any other charges. For further information visit the US Customs and Border Protection website.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major Credit Cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB. Secure payment is provided by STRIPE.

When will my credit card be charged?

Like most subscriptions, you’ll be billed depending on the frequency you select: Either monthly, every other month or quarterly. We charge your credit card for the following month, during the last week of each month.

Is payment via secure?

Yes. takes your security very seriously. SSL technology protects our buyers’ transactions and provides visitors with proof of our digital identity, powered by STRIPE. With SSL your online transactions are secure and confidential, and risks related to online trade are minimized. SSL is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Is my privacy assured?

Yes. The privacy of our users is one of our top priorities, we use the information you supply us with in a lawful manner and only for the purpose of your transaction. Your personal details will never be shared with any third party.

Can I send my order to an address other than my own?

For security of your payment information, first time customers are asked to have their order delivered to the same address as their billing address. Otherwise, you can enter the name and address of the person you want the items to be delivered to in the ‘Delivery Details’ section when placing your order.

May the Cognacs be purchased on a B2B level?

No. All offers are exclusively reserved for private customers. We do not sell business-to-business (B2B), to distributors, brokers, or merchants.

Is my package insured?

Yes. Your order is 100% insured, backed by a multinational insurance provider headquartered in Switzerland.

I have another question that is not listed here.

Contact us! Please feel free to send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon possible.

About us

We’re part of a new generation of Cognac lovers. We’re brother and sister, Sophie and Max, and we’ll be handpicking your bottles for each one of your subscription deliveries. We’re passionate about Cognac, and want to dust off the cobwebs from the “tweed and cigar” image that has long been associated with this very fine spirit.

Brother & Sister Sophie and Max

You’ll find us at the heart of the Charente region, where our family roots extend back three generations. Our grandparents acquired an agricultural property in the Charente region over half a century ago, and while our grandfather grew walnuts and apples, he also cultivated his own Cognac vineyards. As long as we can remember, our friends and neighbors have produced Cognac and shared their secrets with us. Cognac is a multifaceted drink. While tradition and cultural heritage are closely linked to it, it also attracts international customers looking for a refined, unique experience. That’s what we try and bring to you with each unique subscription box.

Sophie with Laurent at Guy Pinard Cognac

Our Farm in the Cognac region (photography for 1990's)

We have been taught so much by experienced farmers, distillers, blenders and merchants. These people make the region so special, and each one has their own history to tell. Their traditions extend back many generations, and, like us, are deeply attached to this part of the world. Cognac is more than a drink here, it is a way of life.

Cognac Expert honors such traditions by bringing together our love for the region, our ambition to innovate, and our online Cognac resource. Not only can you order a special selection of handpicked bottles, but you can access an exclusive universe about all things Cognac. Over the years, we have built a young and dynamic team of 20 people based all around Europe. We believe in creating a community of like minded people, and nurturing dialogue with both our team and customers.

Enjoy your first bottle with our subscription service, and let us know if it’s your perfect match.

Sophie & Max

Harvest image from 1950's

Harvest helpers in the courtyard of our farm (photography 1960's)

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