Grosperrin N°52/22 Fins Bois Cognac

Fins Bois

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Grosperrin Cognac

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Eye: An amber colour.

Nose: Straight and clean, the nose reveals typical characteristics of mature Fins Bois Cognacs. Expect a delicate rancio and intense red fruit notes featuring hints of blackcurrant buds, redcurrant and cherry. The nose is of rare quality, with a complexity that cannot be forgotten.

Palate: The palate reveals a straightforward attack that gives way to spicy notes of sandalwood, cedar, pepper. Next, surprising nuances of blackcurrant and bewitching aromas take the tasting to a whole new dimension with a long and complex finish to end on.

Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Grosperrin N°52/22 Fins Bois Cognac

Grosperrin N°52/22 Fins Bois Cognac is a rare blend that comes from the commune of La Brousse. The producer was born in 1952 and still has Cognacs that were distilled by his father and grandfather. This Cognac is the result of the blending of two batches selected from the Fins Bois cru of Cognac. The original producer blended the batches himself before bottling the finished Cognac as a Grosperrin product in the year 2000. Standing proud as a remarkable one-of-a-kind piece of artisanal history, this Cognac has a tale or two of its own to tell. Discover its story through an immersive tasting that will take you on a journey of the senses sip by sip.

The house of Grosperrin collaborates with more than 150 local Cognac businesses spread across all six of the Cognac growing areas. In total, Grosperrin has contact with almost 4,300 farms which make up the rich and diverse grapes of the Cognac region. With years of buying and selling expertise under its belt, the house of Grosperrin sources the finest eaux-de-vie the region has to offer. This is done all in the hope of achieving their ultimate ambition of achieving the finest expressions of the terroir.

Presentation of the bottle

Displayed in a contemporary decanter, the presentation of Grosperrin N°52/22 Fins Bois Cognac offers a touch of tradition through the bottle's heavy base and long slim neck. Stamped with the Grosperrin brand label, the bottle illustrates the vigorous detail that has gone into producing such a rare and special Cognac.

The stunning amber color of the eaux-de-vie inside, alongside the bottle’s elegant form allows this Cognac to sit beautifully as a table centerpiece or amongst others in the drinks cabinet.

Arriving with a unique leather pouch, it also serves well as a sumptuous gift to a Cognac connoisseur on a special occasion.

How to enjoy

A rare well-aged Cognac like this one deserves your utmost attention during the tasting. Enjoy neat at room temperature to appreciate the Cognac in its entirety. To allow the aromas to develop even further, try adding a drop of mineral water or a couple of ice cubes to the glass.

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Over Grosperrin Cognac

The independent Cognac house of Grosperrin is a relatively new one in the region, having only been established in 1999 by its founder, Jean Grosperrin. Grosperrin is based in Saintes which sits between the terroirs of Fins Bois and Borderies and it is today run by Jean’s son, Guilhelm, who took over in 2004 at just 23 years old.

Guilhelm’s mission is to discover producers all across the region in order to create truly unique Cognacs from the six crus. This vision was made possible by the fantastic relationships Jean Grosperrin built with producers, and that Guilhelm has since built on and expanded. Today, Grosperrin works with over 150 Cognac producers, from which Guilhelm will meticulously select barrels to craft into exquisite end bottles.

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