Frapin Multimillésime No 7 Cognac

Grande Champagne

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Frapin Cognac
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Eye: This bottle unveils a beautifully bright color that twinkles with warm, golden highlights.

Nose: The aromatic complexity and finesse stand out on both the nose and palate: initially on the nose there are floral notes, which are then overtaken by lime aromas. Fuller, more gourmet notes of fruit then come through, such as orange, citrus fruit and dried fig.

Palate: Aromatic depth is brought to life by candied fruit notes such as apricot, orange and then full-bodied vanilla notes. The complexity is outstanding; the flavors are subtle and long-lasting, which is a classic characteristic of a Grande Champagne bottle distilled over lees. The finale is remarkably long and persisting.


Frapin N°7 Cognac Serie Multimillésime - 3 Vintages, 100% Grande Champagne

A stunning trifecta of Cognac Vintage magic, the Frapin Multimillésime Serie N°7 Cognac is a combination of three vintages selected for their aromatic potential and characteristics that blend so wonderfully together: from the years 1989, 1991 and 1993.

Forming part of the “Trésors du Château” collection, this is a one of a kind example of alchemy. The Frapin Cellar Master, Patrice Piveteau calls this “A sensorial trio that continues the quest of excellence initiated in 2008…”

All three of the Vintages selected for this Frapin Serie No.7 are derived from a single estate in the highly esteemed Grande Champagne terroir, renowned for its finesse when it comes to producing eaux-de-vie.

  • The 1989 Vintage gives this Cognac structure, with a seductive nose of floral and fruity notes such as iris and quince jam. On the palate, the notes are woody and gorgeous vanilla.
  • The 1991 Vintage ultimately gifts this Cognac with finesse and subtlety. Aromatic accents include orange, apricot candied fruits, honey and spices.
  • The 1993 Vintage charges this Cognac with strength. The aromas of citrus are followed by apricot along with delicate woody notes. On the palate, it is particularly powerful. Discover notes of dried fruit, hazelnut and honey - alongside the famous rancio for which the Premier Cru is particularly celebrated.

The high chalk content in the soil is down to millions of years of fossilization; unique to this small Cognac cru. The chalk combined with the optimum amount of sunlight exposure, and the rolling vineyards that span the area makes for light, fine and floral eaux-de-vie with a lengthy finish.

Frapin have come to embody the essence of excellent Cognac production. Their estate, which today emcompasses 240 hectares of vineyards, can be found in the Premier Cru, the Grande Champagne. They can trace their history all the way back to 1270, and have passed down years of savoir-faire to be where they are now. 21 generations later, and their hand-crafted single estate Cognacs are world-famous.

How to enjoy a Frapin Multimillésime Cognac

To truly appreciate the art of three Vintage Cognacs combined, it is best to enjoy a rarity such as the Frapin Multimillésime Serie No.7 neat from a balloon glass, at room temperature. This way, the flavors and aromas can develop fully.

Presentation of the bottle

Bottled in a classic Cognac tasting bottle, this Cognac perfectly encapsulates both tradition and modernity. The label is simple, classic and tasteful, and it arrives in a stunning burgundy and gold Frapin presentation sleeve. It is bottled at 40.8% ABV in a 70cl bottle.

This product is limited to one bottle for each customer.

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The best

One of best Frapin collections,amazing taste make you enjoy with each drop.

Über Frapin Cognac

Die Familie Frapin ist seit 1270 im Südwesten Frankreichs beheimatet. Schon immer im Bereich des Weinbaus tätig, spezialisierte sie sich erst viel später auf die Destillation und ist seitdem seit über 20 Generationen im Cognac-Geschäft tätig! Das Weingut besitzt 300 Hektar Land, das vollständig in der Grande Champagne liegt, davon sind 200 Hektar mit Reben bepflanzt. Frapin Cognac ist in der schönen Ecke Fontpinot in der Stadt Segonzac beheimatet. Das berühmteste Familienmitglied war der Schriftsteller Francois Rabelais aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, nach dem eine prestigeträchtige Frapin-Cognac-Flasche benannt ist: Die Cuvee Rabelais. Wie einige andere Cognac-Häuser muss Frapin sein Geschäft durch Diversifizierung in andere Luxusprodukte wie Schokolade oder Kaffee ausweiten. Frapin war der erste Cognac-Hersteller, der eine Multi-Vintage-Mischung erfand, bei der verschiedene Jahrgänge zum perfekten Geschmack kombiniert wurden.

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