Delamain Malaville Fût N° 709-01 Collection Révélation Cognac

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Grande Champagne

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Delamain Cognac

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Eye: Glimmering amber.

Nose: Notes of vanilla over a fruit salad: ripe cherry, muscat grapes, quince and figs. Warm spices and soft leather give outstanding maturity.

Palate: Freshly-ground pepper and a hint of oak give away the age of this Cognac. The finish leads into a complex medley of sweet fruits and rancio.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Delamain Malaville Fût N° 709-01 Collection Révélation Cognac: a Single Cask Treasure

Sourced from the Bellevigne vines in the village of Malaville, in the heart of the Grande Champagne, this is an outstanding example of a Premier Cru Cognac. The 20 hectares at Bellevigne are directly cultivated by Delamain, and every part of the cultivation and distillation process are controlled in-house. The Delamain Malaville Fût N° 709-01 Collection Révélation Cognac has been crafted in a particularly small copper still, allowing for a much slower flow of distillate. This approach has created a fabulously flavorful eau-de-vie, rich with grape and fruit note underlaid by spices and an unmistakable hint of rancio. 

After distillation, this Cognac was aged in a seasoned 350L oak cask made with French oak from the Tronçais forest. Old, seasoned oak allows for a gentler interaction between the spirit and the wood, letting the character of the terroir to shine through. The particular cask used for this release rested in one of the smallest cellars at the House of Delamain, formerly part of the Priory House. This space possesses the perfect conditions for the maturation of Cognac: two narrow church windows face south, allowing thin rays of sunlight to filter through during the long summers. Meanwhile, the thick limestone walls provide shelter during the winter, making sure the moisture and temperature levels stay steady.

The House of Delamain’s unrivalled passion for creating vintage Cognac has been passed down from generation to generation since 1759, the year when James Delamain left Ireland to settle in Jarnac as a Cognac merchant. His grandson Henri founded Maison Delamain in 1824, and today the 9th generation of the Delamain family still runs the company - with a total of fifteen employees. Known for keeping to extremely old-fashioned production methods, they are also the only Cognac producer which exclusively releases Cognac aged XO or older. While they pride themselves on their Grande Champagne AOC, Maison Delamain prefer to not be tied to any specific winegrower or purchasing contract, instead of selecting individually the finest wines available every year. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The bottle design for this release is elegant, with a gently curved profile, deep punt, gold Delamain logo and slim neck covered with deep blue foil. The label provides detailed information about the bottle, including an individual bottle number. A stunning blue presentation box, decorated with gold lettering, completes the package. 

How to Enjoy

Created with extraordinary care, this aged Cognac deserves your full attention. Serve neat in tulip glasses at room temperature, letting it rest for 30 seconds before taking the first sip. Perfect as an after-dinner drink, or enjoyed with rich desserts.

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Delamain Malaville Fût N° 709-01 Collection Révélation Cognac

I've always loved Delamin cognac. When cognac expert got news about the new Delamin limited edition cognac, I couldn't wait to buy it immediately. This perfect cognac is beautiful against the noble blue packaging

Über Delamain Cognac

Mit seiner unglaublich alten Familientradition und Wurzeln im frühen 17. Jahrhundert gehört Delamain Cognac (et Cie) ohne Zweifel zu den spannendsten Cognac Häusern. Auch der familiäre Stammbaum kann kaum verschlungener aussehen. Trotz allem überlebte die Marke Delamain seit ihrer Gründung im Jahre 1762. Wenn es um Qualität geht, kennt das Cognac Haus keine Kompromisse. Von ihren Lieferanten wählen sie nur beste Waren aus, um eigene exklusive Grande Champagne Kreationen anzufertigen. Daneben wurden die Delamains seit Generationen von der britischen Aristokratie beeinflusst. Ihre Cognacs wie Delamain Le Voyage, Très Vénérable sowie Grande Champagne Vesper wurden für Angehörige des Adelsstandes kreiert.

Besuchen Sie Delamain: 7, Rue Jacques et Robert Delamain, 16200 Jarnac, +33 (0)545810824 Um Verabredungen für Besuche terminlich festzulegen, sollte Delamain zuvor kontaktiert werden.

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