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Petite Champagne

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Courvoisier Cognac

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Eye: Dark amber.

Nose: Dried apricots, sandalwood and underearth i.e. mushroom. Mellow, yet harnesses power.

Palate: Lengthy and satisfying. Voluptuous and full taste.


  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2019 - Silver
  • China Wine & Spirits Awards - 2020 - Double Gold
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2020 - Silver
  • London Spirits Competition - 2020 - Gold
  • Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition - 2020 - Gold

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


The Courvoisier Fine Champagne Napoleon Cognac

Indulge in a little part of history, with a bottle dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte’s love for Cognac. The Courvoisier Napoleon Cognac is somewhat of an icon; despite the fact that the house of Courvoisier was created 14 years after. While Napoleon himself did not get to try this luxurious spirit, its legacy is long lasting, as Napoleon III made Courvoisier their official Cognac supplier to the Imperial Court in 1869. The eaux-de-vie of this Napoleon Cognac are derived from both the Grande and Petite Champagne terroirs, and are blended together with the utmost expertise and care. This very spirit has had enough influence in the Cognac name to have an age denomination named after it. This Napoleon Cognac has been aged for up to 20 years, and its qualities from the Fine Champagne give it the lengthy finish that so many Cognac lovers desire. The chalky composition of the soil in this region is a result of millions of years of fossilization; now it is one of the most sought-after regions in Cognac, and produces high quality Cognacs such as this one.

Courvoisier Napoleon Cognac serving suggestions

 The bottle of the Courvoisier Napoleon Fine Champagne is easily recognizable among the Cognac icons. It has a short body, and a long neck, with a luxurious label. It should be enjoyed on ice, or neat.

Napoleon Courvoisier Awards

Such a Cognac can't fail but be recognized by the industry, and it has deservingly won the following awards:

  • 2007 San Francisco International Wine Competition - Double Gold Medal
  • 2006 International Wine and Spirit Competition - Silver Medal
  • Golden Hachete - 1 star

Rezensionen (2)

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am   3 September 2020
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):


I have been enjoying Courvoisier VS and VSOP for many, many years. I like to enjoy the Napoléon once in a great while, just to savor the marvelousness of the exquisite Fine Champagne. I have kept one bottle that is about 25 years old, just as a special treasure - never opened. I was saddened when I was not able to obtain the Napoléon locally, and getting harder and harder to find it anywhere. Thank YOU have still having it available. I will be returning for more eventually. As far as I am concerned, it is the best Cognac available! Cheers!!!

am  20 November 2017
0 1 2 3 4
Nachgeschmack (Finish):

A lighter approach to Fine Champagne

I tried this Cognac a night ago and decided to wait to write an evaluation. The nose I definitely the strongest suite of this offering from Courvoisier, and reminds me of a fine summer day with aromas of blossoms and to my senses, ripe dark plums. The palate was round and flavorful, but somewhat indistinct as to the flavors noted. Slightly sweet, and somewhat spicy. The finish was pleasant and not at all harsh, with the cinnamon and nutmeg coming through with a slight oaky tone. I rated it lower than usual on basis of the cost for value received. I have enjoyed both Daniel Boujou VSOP and Remy Martin XO more by way of comparison, but that's in line with my personal tastes and not a knock on this particular offering. Overall a Cognac that I would be proud to serve to a guest in my home. More a matter of personal taste at this level of Cognac.

Über Courvoisier Cognac

Courvoisier Cognac gehört zu den vier führenden Cognac Produzenten der Welt - auch bekannt als die 'Big Four'. Die Legende besagt, dass Kaiser Napoléon selbst Courvoisier als seinen bevorzugten Cognac wählte, daher wird die Cognac Marke oft als "Der Cognac von Napoleon" bezeichnet. Das Unternehmen geht auf das Jahr 1828 zurück und hat seitdem seinen Sitz in der Stadt Jarnac. Mit prestigeträchtigen Flaschen wie Courvoisier Napoléon oder Josephine steht das Cognac Haus an der Spitze des Luxusspirituosenmarktes. Auch der Courvoisier VS, VSOP und der Rosenlikör sind sehr beliebt. Das Getränk ist stark in der US-Hip-Hop-Kultur verwurzelt, Busta Rhymes und P Diddy widmen der Traditionsmarke den Song "Pass the Courvoisier".

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