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ABK6 VSOP Single Estate Cognac


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Fins Bois

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ABK6 Cognac
68 $
exkl. Versand


Eye:  Lovely golden color.

Nose: Apple pie and raisins, complex, floral yet spicy, with cinnamon, toffee, & mustard seeds.

Palate: Beautifully rich, spicy.  The apple tones continue, with hints of home baking, and even Bombay mix! A lengthy, aromatic finish of fresh fruits, spices, and soft oak.


  • World Cognac Awards - 2019 - Bronze
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2013 - Gold
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2014 - Gold
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2019 - Silver - 91 points


The ABK6 VSOP Single Estate Cognac is, as the name suggests, created from a single estate in the Fins Bois region - owned by the Abecassis family.  It's a fantastically fragrant and spicy Cognac - and can be enjoyed neat, or why not add a drop of water to reveal the flavor of ripe apricots.

It's a beautifully rich, bold drink, and has won awards around the globe.  


  • World's Best Cognac - Cognac Awards 2014
  • Best VSOP Cognac - World Cognac Awards 2017

A delightful Cognac that represents excellent value for money.

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am   8 January 2019
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

Interesting new cognac that could use a better name

Much smoother than I expected, although I had no idea exactly what to expect because of the newness of this brand, serving to the fact that I have never seen nor heard of it before. Because of the awards accolade and the new presence on the market, something rare for cognacs, I decided to try it and was very happy I did. I will be telling our wine shops locally about it if they do not already carry it. Would be even nicer
to get it somewhere locally here in the St. Louis area, in the states, and at price point without all of the expensive cost of shipping one bottle.

Über ABK6 Cognac

Owned by Francis Abécassis, ABK6 is a young cognac house based at the Domaine de Chez Maillard near the village of Claix. Its 250 hectares of vineyards produce high quality eaux-de-vie, which are used to blend this contemporary cognac. The goal of this label is to introduce a young and modern spirit to the traditional drink and at the same time value the quality. Not only its name, an abbreviation of the owner’s name, but also its blog, facebook and twitter pages show the target group of the company. ABK6 owns its own brand as well as the brands Leyrat and and Réviseur. Together, the three brands of the company have been awarded over 60 awards in the past years.

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