Gilles Brisson VSOP Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Gilles Brisson Cognac
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Eye: Deep topaz hued with hints of amber gold.

Nose: Hints of baked apples and orange peel.

Palate: Notes of caramel and mocha with a finishing that evokes hints of spice, with toasted orange peel. 


  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2018 - Silver


Dessert in a Glass: The Gilles Brisson VSOP Grande Champagne

The Gilles Brisson VSOP Cognac is definitely a one step up from its younger version with more mature and complex notes. Like all other Cognacs produced by the Brisson Cognac house, the Gilles Brisson VSOP Cognac is made with nothing else but just Ugni Blanc harvested from the prestigious Grande Champagne region earned the very coveted and quality assuring Grande Champagne Appellation - 1er Cru de Cognac - Classification.

Labeled as a VSOP or Very Superior Old Pale, the Gilles Brisson VSOP Cognac is made from a blend in which young brandy is kept in casks for at least four years before being put under an aging process that lasts up to 6 years before it is being released to the market.

The ‘Premier Cru’ character is very prominent in this fine VSOP Cognac, thanks to the unique geological makeup of its soil. This part of the Cognac region has millions of years of fossilization to thank for the high chalk content of its soil, dating all the way back to the Jurassic period. The combination of a maritime climate, high levels of limestone and chalk, along with its optimum position absorbing as much sunlight as possible before harvesting - makes for cultivation of grapes perfect for creating fine Cognac.

The Award-Winning Gilles Brisson VSOP Cognac

  • Named Top 100 Spirits List in Wine Enthusiast 2015
  • Silver - San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver 2018
How To Serve

The award-winning Cognac is recommended to be enjoyed as a cocktail or in the traditional tasting method with a snifter glass.

Presentation of The Decanter

Comes in a sleek and timeless bottle that has its mouth sealed off with a classic black stopper.

Heritage of Gilles Brisson

The Gilles Brisson family estate is located in Chateaubernard, the heart of the prestigious Grande Champagne appellation. The estate pride itself for its devotion to Ugni-Blanc vineyard for Cognac production. The fabulous quality and value of the Gilles Brisson Cognac derives from several reasons but the biggest reason is that all their Cognacs uses 100% eaux-de-vies from the family vineyard in Grande Champagne appellation. This is also the very reason that earned Gilles Brisson Cognacs the prestigious and coveted Grande Champagne Appellation - 1er Cru de Cognac - Classification.

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