Gilles Brisson Napoleon Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Gilles Brisson Cognac
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Eye: Golden, amber.

Nose: Delicate, mellow with caramel and spice.

Palate: Caramel, oak, tea, vanilla, sarsaparilla and clove. Hint of butterscotch.


Grande Champagne Grandeur - The 12-year-old Gilles Brisson Napoleon Cognac

The Gilles Brisson is a fourth-generation estate found 2 miles from the city of Cognac, in the beautiful Grande Champagne growing region. Their production methods have barely changed over the past century, using the tradition of the past to create the Cognac of the future.

The aging process is given much importance by this family of master blenders, working tirelessly and patiently to create a refined and precise aromatic expression, with intense and fruity aromas. Their Gilles Brisson Napoleon Cognac is no exception, left to age and mature for 12 years, producing a high quality, intense and complex Cognac.

The eaux-de-vie selected for this Cognac are produced using exclusively Ugni Blanc grapes, further reinforcing this perfect premier cru blend! With a relatively mellow bouquet for its age, this Cognac develops subtly on both palate and nose, with a round mouthfeel and wonderfully long finish.

What makes the Napoleon so special amongst many of Brisson's successful Cognacs is the refined and luxurious nature of its aromas and flavors. On the nose, experience spice and caramel, with a surprisingly delicate palate given its 12-year age, offering notes of caramel, oak, vanilla, tea and clove.

How to Enjoy

Enjoy this 12-year-old Cognac neat in a classic snifter, leaving it to aerate for a few seconds delivers more butterscotch-like notes on both palate and nose.

Presentation of the Bottle

This bottle is very traditional in style for Gilles Brisson, tall with a simple and understated golden label perfectly harmonizing in hue with the golden colors of the Cognac. The bottle equally comes with a cardboard presentation box for display, gifting or storage purposes.

This is very much a case of substance over style, with the Cognac's flavors and aromas asserting its quality rather than a bold, flashy decanter.

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