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Michel Forgeron Napoleon Grande Champagne Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Michel Forgeron

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Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Michel Forgeron Napoleon Grande Champagne is a delightful old Cognac that deserves its proud place in any Cognac collection. As its name suggests, this is a blend of eaux-de-vie from the premier terroir of the region - Grande Champagne which is also slightly over-proof at 43% alcohol content. Offering top-notch premium level quality, yet without the ultra-premium price tag to match, makes this eaux-de-vie an absolute steal and must-have for any true Cognac lover. If you've not yet heard of the house of Forgeron Cognac - Napoleon Cognac could be the one to introduce you to what they have to offer.

As to be expected of such a quality of Cognac, the color is lovely and deep, it also goes without saying that this Cognac is a great tipple to enjoy when you have time to savor its complexity. Boasting a nose of great finesse and the beautiful aromatic tension of both caramel and spicy notes it also serves as a splendid digestif.

At the heart of this close knit family-run business are eco-friendly values and the importance of renewability, as the sons of Michel Forgeron; Pierre and Christophe excel in embracing the original roots and traditions of the family brand. Meanwhile they continue to invest in responsible development and a sustainable approach to the viticulture that takes place on their land within the Grande Champagne region.

Presentation of the bottle

This Napoleon Grande Champagne Cognac shows off a sublime golden brown colour, with contrasting mahogany tints in a tall, slim bottle. The front of the decanter is stamped with a vintage style label and a golden wax seal - offering an air of elegance and tradition to an otherwise rather simplistic design.

How to enjoy

An indulgent eaux-de-vie like this one should be served with a sweet dessert, such as an apricot tart, in order to recall the notes of stewed yellow fruits. For those who don’t have such a sweet tooth - pairing with a cigar will not disappoint.

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Über Michel Forgeron

Michel Forgeron Cognac’s uniqueness lies in its very special history, its environmental concern and of course in its quest for quality. With a relatively young history, the first cognac under the brand Michel Forgeron was produced in 1977. Their philosophy remains the same as his grandfather’s, who bought the agricultural property at the turn of the century: work better, produce better. Recently, for its hundred year anniversary, Forgeron covered one of the estate’s roofs with solar panels in order to work with sustainable energies for the cognac production.

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