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Pasquet L'Organic L.X

100% Folle Blanche Cognac

The Cognac stage was built on the superior quality of the once-dominant, Folle Blanche grape. Prior to the phylloxera crisis, Folle Blanche was the grape of choice, and understandably so. Its eau-de-vie is slightly less acidic and sweeter than the commonly used Ugni Blanc grape and its low alcohol content means that it is a grape truly destined for the still. Presenting delectable floral and fruity notes of incomparable finesse, some even claim that the Folle Blanche grape delivers Cognac that is of two times better quality than the Ugni Blanc grape produces.

However, once the phylloxera crisis occurred it became increasingly difficult to carry the vines through to fruition due to their susceptibility to disease and rot. Yet today, we are seeing a comeback of this illustrious grape, with houses such as Jean-Luc Pasquet and Guy Pinard investing their knowledge and expertise into its resurrection.

Pasquet L'Organic Folle Blanche L.X

Prepare yourself for this one-of-a-kind offering from the artisanal and family-run house of Jean-Luc Pasquet. Cognac Expert is delighted to present to you, Pasquet L’Organic Folle Blanche L.X., the world premiere of a completely organic, 100% Folle Blanche Cognac produced from Grande Champagne eau-de-vie.

L’Organic Folle Blanche Lot X is a single-vintage Cognac from the premier cru. The elegant eau-de-vie has been aged for over 10 years in Limousin oak barrels within the historic Pasquet estate, producing a complex Cognac that promises to immerse the senses in its natural beauty, blissful aromas, and splendid flavors.

Jean-Luc Pasquet has been organically cultivating its vines since 1995 and all of its products from 1998 onwards have received the sought-after status of ‘Agricultural Biologique’, France’s official organic certification. The house believes in strengthening the natural defenses of its vines and also employs traditional methods of distillation, resulting in exquisitely clean Cognacs that are still produced in a time-honored way. However, although house Pasquet has proudly produced many organic Cognacs, what makes this particular one so special is its sole employment of the Folle

Single-Cru: Grande Champagne

ABV: 48,4 %

Bottle size: 70 cl

Grape variety: Folle Blanche

82 $
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Eye: Luminous pale gold 

Nose: Unique and gratifying aromas of menthol, musk, mirabelle plums, peaches, sandalwood, and orange zest entice the nose and prepare the palate. 

Palate: Silky and luscious nuances of honey indulge the palate, accompanied by delectable notes of mirabelle plums, nutmeg, and other spices.

Guy Pinard & Fils XO Folle Blanche

Another impeccable Folle Blanche Cognac comes from the house of Guy Pinard & Fils which has been proudly organic since its inception in 1969. Its Folle Blanche XO is a Fins Bois vintage from 2004 and is completely natural, with no added sugars.

Guy Pinard has produced a remarkable Cognac with its Folle Blanche XO, it presents as an authentic and bold vintage that is sure of itself in its stunning simplicity. The subtle notes found on the nose are refreshing in their rarity, as the typical hints of vanilla and meaty orange citrus fruits are nowhere to be found. A primarily fruity Cognac, with a pure and clean natural sweetness; Guy Pinard has perfectly delivered on this organic showcase of the Folle Blanche grape.

For a more in-depth look at the Folle Blanche Cognac from Guy Pinard you can read our bottle review here: Resolutely Organic, Resolutely Fins Bois.

Although the two houses mentioned above both operate organically, the significance of this should not be underestimated, as there are only twenty Cognac houses that can make this claim in the region. Organic viticulture in the Charente is a challenging endeavor and one that deserves praise and recognition, this combined with producing sensational pure Folle Blanche Cognacs, means that we are looking at two exceptionally talented and unique houses.

Single-Cru: Grande Champagne

ABV: 48,4 %

Bottle size: 70 cl

Grape variety: Folle Blanche

117 $
excl. VAT exkl. Versand
77 verbleibende Flaschen (bevor sie ausverkauft sind, für immer)


Eye: Pale golden hue

Nose: Wonderfully mellow with delicate aromas of white muscat grapes, flat white peach, white nectarine, pear, and acacia honey.

Palate: A delectable cushion of sweet fresh fruit greets the palate, with all the honeyed notes from the nose coating every corner of the mouth. The Cognac then finishes with a hint of anise that lingers pleasurably on the palate.

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