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Pasquet Cognac

Pasquet Cognac

Certified organic Cognac house Pasquet perfectly strikes the balance between the warmth of family tradition and innovative savoir-faire. In order to revive a plot of vines during the 1990s, the Pasquet family reached deep into their ancestral history to rediscover its organic farming methods. It was here that they found a beautiful equilibrium not only in the ecosystem of their vines, but also in the Cognacs themselves. Since being awarded ‘Agriculture Biologique’ status in 1998, they haven’t looked back, continuing to craft small-batch Cognacs that epitomize natural beauty and balance. With versatile ranges such as ‘L’Organic’ and ‘Esprit de la Famille,’ the Pasquet family ensures that every step of production respects the environment, resulting in a very special collection of Cognacs.

Visit Pasquet: Chez Ferchaud ,16120 Eraville ,+33 (0)5 45 97 07 49 ,jean@cognac-pasquet.com www.cognac-pasquet.com

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History of Pasquet Cognac

Indeed, the history of the Pasquet vineyard extends all the way back to 1730 with the Serillet family. It was from this moment onwards, that the property was passed along generations to the Pasquet family in 1924.

You have to look back to the early 1970s to discover the roots of Pasquet Cognac as a family-run brand. Husband and wife, Jean Luc and Marie Françoise worked their Grande Champagne vineyards in the manner that all Cognac farmers had done for many centuries. But, after 22 years, when their carefully tended vines began to show signs of poor health, they decided to take what in 1994 was a truly radical step. And that was to turn their production technique over to one that was totally organic.

Discover more about the close-knit family history of Pasquet here. 

Four short years later, they were rewarded by being presented with the coveted 'Agricultural Biologique' status, meaning they could market their Cognacs as organic. Five years later, and the first such Cognac came to market; the L'Organic VS Terroir.

Pasquet Cognac Today

As the world became more and more aware of the importance of producing organically, the range of Jean Luc Pasquet's Cognacs increased in size. Two years after their first organic Cognac launch, the Organic VSOP followed. Today, just the same as in the mid-1990s, no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers are used in any stage of the growth and production process.

Originally most of their seven hectares of premier cru vineyards were planted with Ugni Blanc grapes. But some years back the decision was taken to grow some Folle Blanche which, although more complex to grow successfully, adds a depth to the eaux-de-vie the house can produce.

Read more about their innovations in the organic production of Cognac on our blog. 

News, Products, and Anecdotes

Today the 'L'Organic' range of organic Cognac produced by Pasquet numbers three. There's a VS, VSOP, and XO. However, true to their unique and innovative style, they've taken the decision to not to name them in the traditional manner. Instead, they follow the style more well-known for whisky, whereby they are stated by the age of the blend. So 04, 07, and 10 describe the age of the blend. This is a rarity in the world of Cognac, and a clever 21st-century marketing ploy.

In addition to their organic Cognac, Jean Luc Pasquet have a small range of much older Cognacs–each steeped in tradition and with a wonderful family related back story. The house remains a family-run affair, with much of the publicity and brand awareness being promoted by Jean Pasquet's enterprising wife, Amy. As one of the influential women figures in the world of eaux-de-vie, Pasquet are an exciting producer to follow. 

Visiting Pasquet Cognac

There is no information available about visiting Jean Luc Pasquet Cognac.  We suggest you contact the house directly for further information.

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