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Guy Pinard Fils Cognac

Guy Pinard Fils Cognac

The Guy Pinard Familly is a pioneer of organic winery in France and is the first organic Cognac producer. Pinard's property is situated in the little village of Foussignac, in the heart of the “Fins Bois de Jarnac” a small sub-region which has been renowned for its elegant and floral Cognacs for hundreds of years. This specific “terroir”, together with the organic methods and the Pinard family know-how leads to authentic Cognacs.

Visit Guy Pinard Fils: 8, rue de l'Eglise ,Domaine de la Tour Vert ,16200 Foussignac ,+33 (0)5 45 35 87 57 ,Contact the cognac house directly to inquire about visits. Other products by Guy Pinard & Fils: Organic Pineau des Charentes, Organic Fine Grape Juice

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History of Guy Pinard & Fils Cognac

It was nearly half a century ago, in 1969, that Guy and Chantel Pinard, along with Guy's father, George, decided that they were to move entirely over to organic farming of their vines. The forward thinking family had already come to realize the harm that chemicals and pesticides cause - somehting that even now, in the 21st century, we still haven't fully taken on board.

In doing so they began to reconnect with the traditions and methods used back in the days when the estate was first cultivated with vines, over 300 years before.

Guy Pinard & Fils Cognac Today

The house is run by Chantal Pinard and her son, Jean Baptiste. Everything about their production methods is working in harmony with nature. Jean Baptiste is the cellar master today, and develops all of their products with utter respect to tradition, both to the family methods and to nature.  The 37 hectare estate is located in the Fins Bois terroir of the region, and 22 hectares are dedicated to vines. The estate is known as Domaine de la Tour Vert.

Biological Cognac

Guy Pinard & Fils Cognac were the very first organic producer. And you've got to love a pioneer! Their products empitomise what makes organic Cognacs so great, and why others have followed suit. Fresh, flavorsome, and you can drink with the knowledge that not a single artificial product has ben used from start to finish.  They are certified organic, following the strict rules put in place by Ecocert, who oversee all such wine growers and prodcuers.

Visit Guy Pinard & Fils Cognac

Contact the house directly if you wish to visit the estate.

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