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Remy Couillebaud Extra Cognac


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Fins Bois

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Remy Couillebaud Cognac

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Eye: Golden honey.

Nose: Dried herbs, orchard fruits and a hint of citrus play alongside vanilla sweetness.

Palate: Great balance, with plenty of fruits and warm spices that linger on the finish. 

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Bring the Family Together for Remy Couillebaud Extra Cognac

Extra! Extra! The Remy Couillebaud Extra Cognac demands attention and is perfect for big occasion events and memorable family moments. From the formidable Fins Bois terroir, it carries a rich ancestral history and a commendable artisanal commitment to the craft of cognac production. Fins Bois terroir typically contains substantial levels of limestone, and its climate, humidity levels and general character favor cognacs that boast the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, elegant and earthy.

Extra cognacs like this one have typically been aged for between 15 to 25 years, though their classification demands the youngest eau-de-vie in the blend be 10 years old, just like an XO cognac. Extra eaux-de-vie, however, are understood to possess a superior quality due to their tendency to be much older; Extra Cognac by Remy Couillebaud, for example, is described by the house as “ageless.”

This generous aging process results in mature, rich cognacs that are carefully blended by the house’s master. Extra Cognac by Remy Couillebaud lives up to this expectation, sitting at the ideal ABV and presented in a 50cl bottle. It is a lush, light amber in color, a friendly invitation that leads to a delightful nose and palate.

Remy Couillebaud’s legacy is rooted in family; generations have worked for the cognac house and its vineyard was first cultivated in 1867. Now in its sixth generation, the Remy Couillebaud property spans 33 hectares and their catalogue includes cognac blends and vintages as well as Pineau de Charentes. 

How to Serve Remy Couillebaud Extra Cognac

Designed for large family gatherings, it is encouraged that cognac connaisseurs take their time with Extra Cognac, savoring its flavors and revelling in its timelessness. Just like favorite songs and memorable meals, this eau-de-vie can form part of a collective family history - the tastes and aromas promising to have an enduring effect on all those who share it.

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Über Remy Couillebaud Cognac

The family run house of Remy Couillebaud Cognac has a traditional history that reaches back to the mid-nineteenth century. Covering 33 hectares of vineyards located in the Fins Bois area of the Cognac growing region, Remy Couillebaud only produce cognacs made from eaux-de-vie grown, harvested and distilled on their own property. Along with the range of regular quality cognacs produced, the house also produces small batches of vintage year eaux-de-vie.

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