Complete Courvoisier Rebrand Inspired by Parisian History
24-06-2015 / Courvoisier Cognac is to rebrand their whole collection with inspiration taken from the history of the brand and the links with Parisian heritage. The house is proud of it’s deep Parisian heritage, said Beam Suntory Director, Jeanette Edwards. “It represents the roots of out brand and defines what makes us unique in this category. Our Read full article...
Cognac Dobbe Cigar Tubes XO-VSOP-VS
Dobbé Cognac Tasting Box Gift Set
17-06-2015 / Sometimes you want to sample a cognac from a different producer, but you’re not quite sure if you want to splash out on a large bottle. So this tasting box ( with VS VSOP XO Cognac ) from artisan producer, Dobbé Cognac is the perfect solution. This wholly family run brand has produced a great Read full article...
Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.18.21 AM
Father’s Day Cognac: Frapin Château Fontpinot XO
09-06-2015 / If you’re looking for the perfect present for a Father who loves cognac, then the makeover of Frapin’s Château Fontpinot XO might just hit the spot. This jewel in the crown of all Frapin’s cognacs is a 100 percent Grande Champagne blend, and every stage of its production is carried out on the family run Read full article...
Secret Nazi Cognac: Hitler’s hidden Hennessy booze stash discovered
04-06-2015 / Hitler’s secret booze stash discovered! A great Cognac treasure was found close to the famous water castle Moritzburg in Saxonia. The Saxon royal family used to live here until 1945. Today, a Nazi secret was unveiled: Adolf’s secret Hennessy stash.   A lot of Cognac was discovered, mainly Hennessy cognac (looks like 3 star Hennessy bottles) Read full article...

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FLASH SALE with Cognac Francois Voyer
27-05-2015 / We’re doing an exclusive Flash Sale with 15% OFF for our readers in the US. Buy these characteristic high-end bottles, and have them shipped directly to your doorstep. Discover the Sale!   It’s finally time! Starting tomorrow, and exclusively for our US readers, Cognac-Expert is doing a 3-day FLASH SALE with the artisanal Cognac house Francois Voyer. All products will Read full article...
ABK6 10-year anniversary Dinner
12-04-2015 / It’s not easy to start a Cognac brand… We know the role the big players and the medium-sized family-run Cognac houses play – they are powerful. 10 years for a young Cognac brand such as ABK6 may seem like a blink of an eye when comparing it to Martell‘s 300 years, but it’s actually a hell of an Read full article...
Our visit to Prowein 2015
26-03-2015 / It’s that time of year again – time for business in the world of Cognac. So we decided to take the Cognac Expert team on a small excursion, to do some business, too. PROWEIN is Germany’s largest wine and spirits convention, and one of the most important events in the Cognac calendar. The Vinexpo in Read full article...
Cognac-Expert’s 5th Anniversary
03-03-2015 / We’ll drink to that! It’s 5 years this month that we, Sophie and Max, started The slowest French rural internet connection coupled with our passion for Cognac and love for the Charente region, made us begin this adventure. Back then we were freaking out about the first 20 visitors…today we can count thousands of visitors per day! Read full article...

Latest reviews

Cognac - 05
Introducing: Pierre Lecat Cognac
23-10-2014 / Pierre Lecat Cognac may be a new cognac brand – with the first bottles arriving earlier this year – the history of their cognac, however, dates back some eighty years and is very much a family affair. The family-owned farm in Saint Fraigne has supplied quality eaux-de-vie to some of the major cognac houses since Read full article...
Gourmel Attitude
Cognac with an Attitude: A Visit at Léopold Gourmel
15-09-2014 / When it comes to having an extraordinary reputation, an evocative name and the production of high quality cognacs in a low volume, then Cognac Leopold Gourmel certainly ticks all the boxes. The house was founded in 1972, and being a Cognac producer myself, I certainly am aware of this renowned brand. But up until recently, Read full article...
Dobbe XO Cognac
Introducing: Dobbé Cognac
11-09-2014 / It was in the late 18th century when the Dobbé family acquired their first vineyards and began the production of their very first Cognac. What followed these first tentative steps was the development of their knowledge and craftsmanship in the creation of quality eaux-de-vie. This knowledge has been passed down and now spans eight generations. Read full article...
Martell Caractere
Review: Martell Caractère
10-09-2014 / Some time ago we reported about the Martell Caractère, a new blend by Martell  that’s being launched only in California, USA. And now we’ve had the chance to taste it, with the following results. Product notes The first thing you’re confronted with is the bottle: a slim design, but somewhat keen and bold – apparently a reference to Read full article...


Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac
Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac
12-05-2015 / A reader has a cognac bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII at home. The bottle is located in Vermont. The Reader writes “Given to my father in late 1973 at an advertising meeting as a gift to celebrate the birth of me. Because of its sentimental value my mother never let my father open it. Read full article...
remy martin vsop
Cognac Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Mini Bottles
12-05-2015 / A reader has two mini cognac bottles of Rémy Martin Fine Champagne VSOP Cognac at home. The bottle is located in I have both of them. The Reader writes “Found these two mini bottles in my great grandfathers belongings after he passed away. He was a courier in the war in Germany. “ (If you Read full article...
Courvoisier VSOP
Cognac Courvoisier Fine Champagne VSOP
07-05-2015 / A reader has a cognac bottle of Courvoisier Fine Champagne VSOP at home. The bottle is located in Lake Mary, Florida USA. The Reader writes “This was my father’s in law who was born in Montreal, Canada.  The bottle was given to him the same year his daughter was born: in 1969.” (If you also Read full article...
Napoleon Grande Fine Champagne
Cognac Napoleon Grande Fine Champagne
07-05-2015 / A reader has a cognac bottle of Napoleon Grande Fine Champagne at home. The bottle is located in México City. Mexico. The Reader writes “It was given to me by my father who also received it from his father. The story tells that the 2 bottles were found in an excavation about 70 years ago.” (If Read full article... A short history

Our website is a close knit project, run by a family that's been living in the Charente region for over 50 years.

Coming from an agricultural background, our grandfather having farmed and owned a vineyard, we've always been dedicated to the Cognac region, the people and naturally, to the drink we all know as Cognac. We have great admiration not only for the bigger houses such as Courvoisier, Camus and Hine, but also the smaller, family Cognac producers.

One day we were driving through the vineyards close to Blanzac, in the Fins Bois region, when we discovered a small producer we'd never seen or heard of before: This led us to think that there are so many brands out there that people don't know about. Neighbours, producers and friends have since introduced us to the wide field of different brandies and the whole Cognac experience. For example, one evening at a dinner in the neighbourhood our host presented a seemingly simple VSOP. And it also came with an anecdote about a winegrower who wanted to convince the cellar master of Hennessy that he could produce a great blend, so he created that particular VSOP solely with that in mind. It was a fantastic blend... but one couldn't buy it. It was situations such as this that led us to the idea to start a blog about the most famous of all brandies, Cognac. In the beginning we just started with a small blog, with a short piece reporting about the latest VS Cognac our father had brought home.

Today it's a much more than a blog; it's a website with a list of all cognac brands and producers, bottles and products, as well as a place that users on a global scale can exchange and talk about their experiences.

These days we regularly visit estates from André Petit and Bache-Gabrielsen to Rémy Martin and Martell, have the privilege to taste rare Vintage or XO Cognacs; and we can exchange with enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. It's fantastic.

We created this website to share the unbelievable diversity of brandy brands and producers with an international readership, and we must say - it works!

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