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A new generation of Cognac lovers is born

They don’t wear tweed, nor do they smoke cigars. We're sister and brother, Sophie and Max, and we are part of this generation, hoping to rejuvenate the world of Cognac. To us, Cognac resembles a unique mix of different values: While its tradition and cultural heritage is closely tied to the French Charente-region, we find that Cognac still speaks to young internationals that demand complexity, sophistication, and variety in what they experience and create.

Sophie & Max from Cognac-Expert

Brother & sister Sophie and Max

Over half a century ago, our grandparents acquired an agricultural property in the Cognac region. Our family roots now extend back three generations. We both feel very attached to this part of the world and to the Cognac production here, which is present in all areas of life.

Our farm in the Cognac region (photography from 1990's)

Harvest image from the 1950's

Alongside walnut and apple plantations, our family farmed wine and distilled Cognac. Since we can remember, friends and neighbors have made Cognac and shared their secrets with us, traditions that had been passed down to them over generations.

Cognac Expert honors these traditions by tying together our love for the region, ambitionto innovate, and fascination with sharing knowledge globally via the internet.

Harvest helpers in the courtyard of our farm (photography from 1960's)

We really appreciate your comments, questions, and suggestions. So please continue contributing to the Cognac Expert community - read about our 5th anniversary and the award we received.  Follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook

Drink responsibly, and always in style.

Awarded “International Cognac writer of the Year" in 2013, Cognac Expert is the leading platform and preferred source for all things Cognac."

Awarded “International Cognac writer of the Year" in 2013, Cognac Expert is the leading platform and preferred source for all things Cognac."

Cognac-Expert.com 5th Anniversary Notes from Cognac producers & friends 

 François Le Grelle, Cognac HINE
“Five years and counting… Cognac Expert is one step away from becoming an XO! Much like our small team of twenty-two at Hine, your reputation is inversely proportional to your size. Congratulations Sophie and Max for your commitment, attention to detail, and passion in telling the finest stories ourvineyards have to unveil.”

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, Bache Gabrielsen Cognac
“Cognac-Expert has become the reference web platform for Cognac aficionados and enthusiasts. Thanks to the great dedication from Max & Sophie, it is now a fantastic tool and info base for any Cognac lover. Long life to Cognac-Expert!”

Olivier Paultes, Hennessy Cognac
“CONGRATULATION TO THE TEAM!!! After 5 dedicated years filled with a passion for Cognac, you have largely contributed to its success in the realm of the internet. Like we say at Hennessy: Never stop never settle. . A huge MERCI, and may this continue for a long long time!!!”

Elodie Abécassis, ABK6 Cognac
“Happy Birthday Cognac-Expert ! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing so much information and being so active for the Cognac industry.”

Claire Coates, SO YANG
“Congrats to this efficient and creative team who had the idea to create and animate the cognac communication worldwide. Within 5 years it became the most important website for the Cognac industry.”

Roland Legaret, DEAU Cognac
“Cheers to Cognac-Expert for their 5 year anniversary! You’ve reached VSOP aging, and will ultimately become an XO… Happy Birthday to the best Cognac website worldwide!” 

Elodie Bouyer, Birius Cognac
“The adventure that started 5 years ago was a long desired initiative. Congratulations for this well deserved success. And a long life to Cognac Expert!!”

Olivier Blanc, Leopold Gourmel Cognac
“What an adventure in only 5 years: From the flat country to the spirit valley with humor and curiosity, interested and broad-minded, with passion and respect, with words and poetry, with kindness and pedagogy.”

Jean-Baptiste Pinard, Cognac Guy Pinard
“Building something is not easy. Keeping it alive for 5 years speaks for true passion. Sophie, Max, the entire Cognac Expert team: You have the passion for a product, a place, and for its people… This passion lead you to learn about the multiple facets that make up Cognac. Thanks to your approach and work, it always reminds me why I love to do my job. Thank you!”

Alexandre Gabriel, Cognac Ferrand
“Happy 5th Birthday to COGNAC EXPERT. Congratulations for these 5 good years. Now past the age of a young VSOP, you have, like a wonderful Grande Champagne, what it takes to age into a well-rounded “Ancestrale”. We are looking forward to this. Keep up the good work!”

Last but not least, here is a comment from the world’s leading authority on Cognac:

Nicholas Faith, Writer and true Cognac connoisseur
“Five years of Cognac-Expert, seems like yesterday? How DID we manage without it?”