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Cognac Expert Originals

Cognac Expert Originals

Sophie & Max Sélection N° 3

Sophie & Max Sélection N° 3 Réserve was developed in close exchange with Seph Hall and Thérèse Bertrand, who have been running the Bertrand brand since moving back to Thérèse’s family estate back in 2010.

In fact, it was at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner, which Thérèse and Seph hosted, when Sophie and Max suddenly thought Seph should blend the next Cognac in our Sélection series. It was the way he spoke about his craft but also about other topics ranging from international politics to sustainable energies, that got us excited to take this leap.

Read the whole story about Sophie & Max Sélection.

Growth Area: Petite Champagne

Cognac Age: Réserve

ABV: 42.7 %

Bottle Size: 70 cl

Producer: Cognac Bertrand

Petite Champagne

$ 159
excl. TAX excl. shipping

Cognac Calendar 2023

Our eagerly anticipated annual Cognac Calendar, containing 24 exceptional bottles of eaux-de-vie, is upon us. The 2023 version the fifth edition of our limited Calendar series. After the successful launch of our calendar in 2019 and the amazing feedback we received, we endeavored to keep improving our festive offering year on year. We’ve gone above and beyond to select for you Cognacs of Extra, Hors d'Age and even older blends, meaning every bottle holds 3cl of Cognac aged to perfection, guaranteed to contain that inimitable Cognac flavor to its fullest effect.

Our dedicated Cognac connoisseurs are just about coming to the end of their calendars for this year, but we have no doubt some of them will be providing detailed reviews of their favorites on our Cognac Lovers Facebook group so keep an eye out for their feedback. If you’re interested in learning more about the creation of and work that went into each year’s calendar then you can read all about it on our Tale of 3 Cognac Calendars Blog and we guarantee by the end of it you’ll be gagging to get your hands on next years.

Cognac is the gift that keeps on giving, and we’re thrilled to be back with an enticing fifth edition of the Cognac Calendar. Featuring 24 delectable Cognac tasters and several fun interactive extras  to match, you’ll find yourself immersed in the sensations and secrets.

  • Strictly Limited Quantity
  • This year’s selection features a range of premium Cognacs:y: Extra, Hors d'Age, and beyond. A stunning concentration of exceptionally mature spirits in a single box
  • Free worldwide shipping.

The Cognac Calendar also looks as good as it tastes, with a beautiful illustration greeting you from the front of the box.

$ 359
excl. TAX excl. shipping


€ 163


$ 212
excl. TAX excl. shipping


$ 93
excl. TAX excl. shipping

Cognac Expert introduced the L’ESSENTIEL Season 1 in 2020, with the vision of collaborating with artisanal, lesser-known producers in the region to craft exquisite bottles of Cognac that we could then share with the Cognac Expert community. Each limited edition release gives customers a new insight into the eclectic mix of aromas and flavors that can be found in the region. L’ESSENTIEL invites you to ralentir, réfléchir, réunir: slow down, reflect and reconnect with our loved ones - it’s time to appreciate right now because that’s all we’ve got, something that this year we can appreciate more than ever.

The L’ESSENTIEL Season 2 launch has finally arrived. Folks who have enjoyed a bottle of a Season 1 L’ESSENTIEL edition will notice some apparent changes made to the outward appearance of the bottle. In addition to the aesthetic adjustments, the possibilities for the Cognac inside the bottle have been expanded but made more precise. While the ethos of L’ESSENTIEL from its conception has not changed – ralentir, reflechir, reunir – some key evolutions have occurred and deserve a few paragraphs of explanation.

To better understand what L’ESSENTIEL Season 2 is, one must first understand what the series is transitioning from.

L’ESSENTIEL was developed during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis as communities around the world were confined to their homes and Cognac producers were cut off from their typical contact with visitors and other customers. It was a time of uncertainty, fear, impatience, frustration, and tragic loss. We saw it as an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with oneself and one’s family and enjoy a high quality, carefully crafted Cognac that directly supported small Cognac producers throughout the region. Read more.

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