Prunier Vintage 1970 Petite Champagne Cognac


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Petite Champagne

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Prunier Cognac
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Eye: A rich, glossy mahogany.

Nose: A powerful mix of aromas including leather, waxed wood, marzipan and beeswax. 

Palate: The attack is bold, bursting with notes of orange and pineapple. The mouth is structured by woody support. The finish is delightfully lengthy, with a slight acidity. 


An Exceptionally Aromatic Vintage Cognac from the 1970 Petite Champagne Harvest

In a celebration of a single harvest of 1970, Maison Prunier’s expert cellar master has selected an exceptional Cognac, embodying all the finesse that the Petite Champagne is famed for. Petite Champagne Cognacs are long-maturing and this Cognac is almost 50 years old, allowing for ample aging to bring forth unique tastes and aromas. 

This Cognac forms part of Maison Prunier’s prestigious Vintage collection of limited edition cognacs. With just a few hundred bottles per lot in existence, this would make an excellent gift to mark a special date. In keeping with Charentais tradition, where locals would drink Cognac directly from the cellars, each of these Millésomes is bottled at cask strength, making for a truly authentic tasting experience. The dampness of the house’s cellars, allegedly attributed to the underground river that runs beneath them, are the perfect conditions for aging and give strength to this Cognac. 

As we know, when it comes to Cognac production, it’s all about the terroir. Thanks to the compact, chalk-rich soil of the Petite Champagne, the eaux-de-vie here are light and floral and loved for their length. The maritime climate, with its optimal sun exposure also contributes to the quality of the grapes. 

Although Cognac is typically made by blending a selection of eaux-de-vie, a Vintage places its trust in the natural order of things: relying solely on the weather, the quality of the soil, and the time spent aging in French oak barrels. Minimal intervention required.

Presentation of the bottle

Bottled slightly overproof of 56.2%, this classic decanter comes housed in a gift-worthy wooden box. 

Serving Suggestions

To be enjoyed at room temperature in a tulip glass, on its own or as a fine accompaniment to a dessert. 

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Over Prunier Cognac

Steeped in tradition, Cognac Prunier is a family run firm with cellars in the heart of the town of Cognac. The house does not own its own vineyards, instead, they buy the eaux-de-vie directly from supplying vine growers and distillers each year, and then carry out the ageing process in their own cellars.

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