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Hine Single Cask Selection Vintage Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Hine Cognac


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Eye: Brilliant gold.

Nose: Soft, elegant, dry and detailed with notes of fresh apricot, honeysuckle, tangerine skin, and vanilla bean. 

Palate: Sharper and precise, bringing clear elements of beeswax accompanied by a chalky minerality, drifting into a seamless and very long finish.

Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Hine Single Cask Selection Vintage Cognac: the Essence of a Vineyard

The Hine Single Cask Selection Vintage Cognac is a 2002 vintage sourced from the vineyard of Genté that has been matured in French oak for 12 years. In a region of blenders, Hine has taken the step to focus on some of the most exclusive and unique vineyards in the Grande Champagne. With these single cask expressions, they can capture the very essence of a single piece of land, where the crumbling limestone soil, rainfall and sunshine have imprinted each vine with its own character. Through careful selection, and aided by the passage of time, Hine allows the singular personality of each cask to shine. Only 300 bottles have been produced, so this is a limited edition to look out for!

The history of Hine Cognac starts in the late 18th Century when a young man by the name of Thomas Hine from Dorset arrived in Jarnac to undertake administerial work for a Cognac producer. After falling in love with the proprietor’s daughter Françoise-Elisabeth, he married into the family and took on a more senior role in the company. For years he used his financial skills to make major changes and develop their trade, eventually changing the company name to Thomas Hine & Co. in 1817.  

Overseeing 115 hectares of land by the village of Bonneuil, Hine Cognac focuses entirely on the growing areas of Grande and Petite Champagne. Across these limestone hills, vines of Ugni Blanc grapes can draw nutrients and water from a depth of over 20 metres, allowing them to flourish even during the most extreme conditions. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The Hine Single Cask Selection Vintage Cognac is presented in a sleek, tall bottle with a simple label stating the distillation and bottling dates, cask number, bottle number and origin of the eaux-de-vie. It is accompanied by a matching presentation box, making this a wonderful gift for any Cognac lover. 

How to Enjoy Hine Single Cask Selection Vintage Cognac

This outstanding Cognac is one for the tulip glass; let it rest for 30 seconds before taking a sip. During the summer months, it might be suitable to add a cube of ice. For the ultimate tasting experience, pair with a hot espresso or a fruity dessert.

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Over Hine Cognac

Gelegen in het hart van de Grande Champagne, het premium wijnbouwgebied van de Cognac regio, produceert het huis Hine al zes generaties lang enkele van de meest exquise Cognacs, toen het nog beter bekend was als T Hine & Co Cognac. Het landgoed heeft een uitzonderlijke 173 hectare aan wijngaarden, en het huis heeft een zeer bijzondere traditie van het produceren van relatief kleine hoeveelheden - maar met een zeer hoge standaard in kwaliteit. Een van hun handelsmerken is het opslaan van hun vintage vaten in vochtige kelders in Bristol, Engeland. Op deze manier doorloopt de Thomas Hine Cognac een uniek ander rijpingsproces door de vochtigheid van de badplaats, die enigszins verschilt van die van de zuidwestelijke kust van Frankrijk. Deze hoog geprijsde vintage flessen worden "Hine Early-Landed Vintage Cognac" genoemd.

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