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Héritage René Rivière XO 20 ans

Héritage René Rivière XO 20 ans Cognac

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Heritage Rene Riviere Cognac
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Eye: Burnished copper.

Nose: Perfect balance between floral, herbal and nutty aromas mixed with accents of baked goods and oak.

Palate: Full, complete palate of warm and generous flavors. Hazelnut, subtle spice, cinnamon and dried fruits lead into a long finish with a lingering note of wildflowers. 

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Borderies




Héritage René Rivière XO 20 ans Cognac

The Héritage René Rivière XO 20 ans Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie from the smallest of the six crus, the Borderies. This noble and aromatic blend was matured in French oak for over two decades, dominated in particular by eau-de-vie from 1978, and then stored in glass demijohns for many more years. The soil of the often-underrated Borderies cru exerts a unique influence on the grapes grown across its chalky, sandy hills. Many people will be pleasantly surprised by the notes of herbs, garden florals and vegetal accents which are expressed here.

The René Rivière estate has been around the Borderies in various forms since 1886, holding over 200 years of history. What makes Héritage René Rivière so unusual (and so desirable) is that the land is no longer used to cultivate or harvest grapes to distil eaux-de-vie. Each and every Cognac produced has therefore been extracted from vintage demijohns.

Every René Rivière Cognac you purchase is a limited edition, a truly unique drinking experience that would take decades to recreate. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The tall, elegant bottle features a blue and silver label with dark blue foil on the neck. Each bottle is individually numbered with a tag.

How to Serve 

Regardless of when you choose to drink it, this is an outstanding Cognac to celebrate special moments. We suggest sipping it slowly from a tulip glass, potentially adding a few drops of water to open up the palate. 

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À propos de Heritage Rene Riviere Cognac

Owned by Jean-Jacques Vidal, Héritage René Rivière Cognac is located in the north of the regions and within the Borderies terroir.  The brand concentrates on producing a small range of top quality, old cognacs using traditional methods handed down over the centuries.

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