Rémy Martin XO x Steaven Richard Limited Edition Cognac


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Fine Champagne

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Remy Martin Cognac
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Eye: Dark amber.

Nose: A rather smooth XO, some rich aromas of jasmine, a velvet structure, fruity candy notes.

Palate: The heart is dominated by fig, and full prune, on the palate cinnamon and brioche. The finish lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes.


A Limited Edition Rémy Martin XO in collaboration with a French metalwork artist

Nothing illustrates Remy’s commitment to craftsmanship more than their latest collaboration with metalwork artist Steaven Richard to create the Rémy Martin XO X Steaven Richard Limited Edition Cognac. This special partnership combines generations of savoir-faire with an innovative and cutting edge team. The XO Cognac is made up of over 400 eaux-de-vie from the Petite and Grande Champagnes, also known as the Fine Champagne. As an XO, some of the eaux-de-vie have been aged for more than 37 years.

Both Remy Martin and the Atelier Steaven Richard are recognized by the French State, with an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label. This indicates their respective excellence in manufacturing and artisanal craft.

The label of the Remy Martin Steaven Richard XO Cognac itself was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the two, as Steaven Richard redesigned the centaur emblem of Remy Martin. Using metalwork techniques, he recreated a structure of vertical lines of the House’s vines. He then went on to redesign the iconic XO decanter, and the entire gift set.

Steaven Richard has always relied on traditional technique, but instead pioneering his approach by reinventing metalwork. His signature technique is that of artistic lamination and is inspired by his love for nature and the earth. He is constantly pushing boundaries to reach new aesthetic heights and has been pioneering his craft for over ten years. His liaison with Remy Martin marks the height of combining both new and old methods.

As a metalwork craftsman, he opened his Paris-based atelier in 2001. He combined savoir-faire with modern digital techniques and transforms materials by drawing inspiration from the organic world.

Richard comments, “I took inspiration from Rémy Martin’s centuries-old connection with the soil – its love for nature – and something happened. Something approaching a revelation: from the verticality of the vines that climb to the sky, this piece reaches out towards the stars.” He is an expert in chemical processes, allowing him to access a wonderful array of textures and color palettes. For this project, Steaven learned everything there is to know about the ethos of Remy Martin to perfectly convey the role of the artist in the XO bottle.

Presentation of the Steaven Richard Limited Edition XO bottle

Rémy Martin brought together the Cognac world and the iconic decanter known by aficionados everywhere, with the work of an incredible artist. The decanter features infused brass to create a unique golden patina featuring the XO motif. The decanter now has a new texture never before seen.

How to serve

Enjoy the Remy Martin XO straight, at room temperature or even on ice. You will be delighted to open your drinks cabinet to this iconic decanter. Fanned out in the shape of a luxurious mandala but with new, textural features by Steaven Richard, it oozes opulence.

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Über Remy Martin Cognac

Remy Martin Cognac ist ein etablierter Cognac-Produzent und wurde 1724 gegründet. Das Cognac-Haus gibt es also seit fast 300 Jahren und stellt exquisiten Fine Champagne Cognac und Eau-de-vie her. Fine Champagne Cognac zeugt von höchster Qualität in der Produktion. Mit Produkten wie dem berühmten Louis XIII hat Remy Martin - auf dessen Flaschen ein schwarzes Zentaur-Logo zu sehen ist - internationale Anerkennung gefunden und eine spannende Geschichte von Familienfehden, Fusionen - und in den letzten Jahren - einen Boom in der amerikanischen Kultur erlebt.

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