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Rémy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection Cognac

Hors d'Age

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Grande Champagne

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Remy Martin Cognac
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Tasting review:

Nose: Floral, honeysuckle, delicate perfume of peaches and melon.  Marzipan nuttiness & honey

Palate: Almonds, peaches, orange, wood spices, cinnamon, and orange blossom.

Finish:  Truly satisfying, lingering, sweet oak spices, delicate grapes, and floral notes.


The Rémy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection Cognac is a series of truly exclusive limited editions that pay tribute to the history of Louis XIII. This is the first release, and is entitled, "The Origin - 1874".

Remy's ethos behind the collection is that there famous Louis XIII Cognac has bore witness to many signigicant events in the history of Remy Martin. For instance, in 1900 it won awards at the Paris World Fair. 1929 saw it aboard the fabled Orient Express train. In 1939 it was used to inaugurate the S.S. Normandie.  In 1938 it was used to celebrate the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabether at Versailles. 1944 it saw the liberation of France with Charles de Gaulle, and 1984 saw it onboard Concorde, breaking the speed of sound...

Each release of this special Cognac tells a chapter in it's fascinating story. The Origin - 1874, is the very first in the series (further editions will be released at 2 yearly intervals). This delight is based on a design created by Paul-Émile Rémy Martin in the year 1874 - a decanter design used over 140 years ago when Paul-Émile purchased an ancient royal flask unearthed by a farmer in a field close to Jarnac, Cognac - the site of an ancient historic battle.

The decanter is made of pure Saint-Louis Crystal, with 13 dentelle spikes and a unique stopper in the form of an upturned decanter. The neck and collar seal are in a champagne-gold hue,a nd the decanter itself is housed in an elegant metal case. This features a sleek woven texture that represents the wicker baskets in which the original bottles of Louis XIII Cogancs were delivered.

The Cognac contained within is a blend of 1200 different eaux-de-vies from the Grande Champagne terroir.  

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Über Remy Martin Cognac

Remy Martin Cognac ist ein etablierter Cognac-Produzent und wurde 1724 gegründet. Das Cognac-Haus gibt es also seit fast 300 Jahren und stellt exquisiten Fine Champagne Cognac und Eau-de-vie her. Fine Champagne Cognac zeugt von höchster Qualität in der Produktion. Mit Produkten wie dem berühmten Louis XIII hat Remy Martin - auf dessen Flaschen ein schwarzes Zentaur-Logo zu sehen ist - internationale Anerkennung gefunden und eine spannende Geschichte von Familienfehden, Fusionen - und in den letzten Jahren - einen Boom in der amerikanischen Kultur erlebt.

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