Conte et Filles Fût Unique N°46 Cognac 01

Conte et Filles Fût Unique N°46 Cognac

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Bons Bois

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Grape Varieties
Ugni Blanc
Conte et Filles
70 $US
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Appellation (Cru) & sol: Bons Bois

Bons Bois

Bons Bois


Conte et Filles Fût Unique N°46 Cognac

Conte et Filles Fût Unique N°46 Cognac is presents a vintage eau-de-vie selected from the year 2008. The eau-de-ve was selected from a small plot located in Cillsc of the Bons Bois cru, renowned for its clay-like soil content and optimal conditions for growing Ugni Blanc grapes to be used in Cognac production. With such a complex array of both fruity and spicy fragrances, this Cognac offers an abundance of flavor and a memorable experience upon each tasting session.

Standing proud as a female-led Cognac brand in an industry that is predominantly fronted by men, Maison Conte et Filles is now in its 5th generation of family members to inherit the Cognac making savoir-faire. Sisters Blandine and Anne-Laure present their passion for the world of agriculture through a new range of Cognacs alongside other grape-based wines and spirits.

Presentation of the bottle

Displayed in a contemporary, wide-set decanter, the presentation of Fut Unique N°46 is as unique as its contents inside. On the label, a green illustration reflects back to nature and the roots of how this Cognac came to be. It serves as a delightful gift​​ – and one that is easy on the senses, from the eye to your fingertips as they hold the smooth bottle in hand, through to the nose and then the palate as you embark on the tasting journey.

How to enjoy

This Bons Bois 2010 Cognac deserves to be enjoyed in its purest form and therefore sipped neat at room temperature. Let yourself be seduced by adventurous pairings; why not try serving this Cognac alongside a platter of rich cheeses that present just as much character and flavour as the Cognac does?

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