Geffard Henri Tasting Box Cognac

Grande Champagne

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3 x 200ml
Geffard Henri Cognac

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Geffard Henri VSOP

Eye: The Cognac is an amber colored liquid upon first glance however once it is poured out, it is somewhat coppery.

Nose: Begins with a dense, rich and oily nose opening with some delightful liquid orange and sweet, sun-dried raisins. Deep and polished with a slight perfume and a developing earthy nuance.

Palate: Intense and slightly floral in the middle with a delightfully sweet spice finish.

Geffard Henri Vieille Reserve

Eye: A gorgeous amber glow. 

Nose: Smell from the oak has a hint of an old Glen Grant with a slight sawdust character. Combined with honey and spices, it has the perfect balance of aromatic quality.

Palate: Deep and dense bitter oak taste on the palate but with a beautiful touch of honey.

Geffard Henri Tres Vieux Cognac

Eye: The amber of a very old Cognac. 

Nose: Showing more old oak character - dark chocolate and coffee with a perfect balance of dried fruit such as macerated plums and prune, all set against a lovely backdrop of mature, subtle honey and oak.

Palate: The palate is very much like the nose, with plenty of verve. A phenomenal depth of licorice-infused honey coats the flavor of dried prunes, raisins and grapes. Like the Vieille Reserve the bitter, peppery oak attacks the mid-palate, but this time there is just about enough sweetness to balance.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


3 expertly selected and award-winning Cognacs from Henri Geffard

This exclusive tasting box is one of Geffard Henri Cognac best introductions to their signature series which has managed to create a strong reputation for itself in the Cognac XO category. The Geffard Henri Tasting Box comprises of three bottles - a 200ml bottle of VSOP, a 200ml bottle of their award-winning Vieille Reserve and a 200ml bottle of Tres Vieux Cognac.

The VSOP is particularly sought after, as Geffard Henri age this Cognac far beyond the minimum recommended. The Tres Vieux Cognac is also celebrated as a fine example of a well-aged, Grande Champagne beauty. The Vieille Reserve has cinched multiple awards, and completes this tasting box wonderfully.

Henri Geffard Tasting Box Awards

While the tasting box itself has not won awards, the individual Cognacs featured in the collection have caught the attention of critics:

Vieille Réserve Cognac Geffard: Grande Champagne

Gold medal 2016 - Concours Général Agricole in Paris

Gold Medal 2014 - Regional Flavors Competition

Gold Medal 2013 - Independent Winegrowers Competition

Tres Vieux Cognac Geffard

Silver Medal 2016 - Concours Général Agricole in Paris

Gold Medal 2014 - Concours Général Agricole in Paris

Silver Medal 2014 - Independent Winegrowers Wine Competition in Paris

How to serve

The Geffard Henri Cognac is crafted to bring you on a journey of indulgence. With their perfect craft and carefully curated Cognacs - you will indulge in the sweeter things through the art of dessert pairing. It is also a perfect gift for any occasion and will definitely leave an unforgettable impression with your friends and family!

The heritage of Henri Geffard

The Geffard family has begun establishing their name and mastering their craft ever since 1840 passing down from generation to generation - for the past 5 generations and currently their two children, Karine and Stephane runs the business. The Geffard family estate rests on an enviable position in the heart of the Premier Cru - the Grande Champagne. The area is known for producing exceptional eaux-de-vie as the soil is chalky and the microclimate which is optimal for producing fantastic Cognac.

All of their Cognacs are harvested, distilled and ripened - on the estate and produced as a family. Their selection includes the Henri Giffard VSOP, Vieille Reserve, Tres Vieux Cognac.

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Über Geffard Henri Cognac

The Geffard family occupies an enviable position in the heart of the Premier Cru - the Grande Champagne - known for producing exceptional eaux-de-vie. Their history in Cognac dates back to 1840 extending back five generations from father to son. They continue their craft today with their two children, Karine and Stéphane. The soil is chalky and the microclimate optimal for producing fantastic Cognac. They harvest, distill and ripen everything as a family and on the estate, and their selection includes the Henri Giffard VSOP, Vieille Réserve, Très Vieux Cognac.

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