Pasquet Box l'Organic With 2 Glasses Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Biologischer Anbau
Organically produced
Pasquet Cognac
64 $
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L'Organic 04: The youngest offers a fresh, fruity and intense nose, thanks to its youth no doubt. You'll find white fruits (grape, pear) on both nose and palate, very slight hints of oak permeating throughout with a slight citrus kick of grapefruit.

L'Organic 07: The middle child in this marvelously matched family produces a more floral aroma than it's younger brother, with elements of fruits and warming spices on the nose. The palate presents a soft attack with rounded notes of pears and grapefruit, the woody notes are more intense than that of the 04, with a peppery finish.

L'Organic 10: The eldest of the collection, l'Organic 10, holds an earthier, spicier flavor profile. With notes of tobacco, cocoa and gingerbread. A Cognac of character, robust yet refined. There is something for all tastes in this elegant collection of premier cu Cognacs, ranging from fruity to floral and even spicy. Enjoy separately or together in a tasting session with family or friends.


The Perfect (and environmentally-friendly) Gift - L’Organic Box with 2 Glasses from Domaine Pasquet

In this beautiful presentation box that comes with 2 glasses, Domaine Pasquet presents 3 200ml mini bottles, or "mignonettes", of the finest organic Grande Champagne Cognac. In this particular collection, Pasquet L'Organic 04, 07 and 10 are available for your degustation - each being aged for 4, 7, and 10 years respectively. 

The perfect gift for a connoisseur or even a novice to discover the wonders of organic Cognac, the Grande Champagne cru as well as a the expertise of the Pasquet estate itself. Organic Cognac not only protects the land and soils from pesticides and unwanted chemicals, but it also creates a level of purity to the eaux-de-vie that allow the flavors to come to their full fruition with every sip or sniff. Pasquet boasts 600 hectares of Charentais wine dedicated exclusively to producing their high quality, organic and characterful Cognac, earning the "Agriculture Biologique" label since 1995.

A beautiful blend of both Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes, the exclusively Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie in this Cognac collection offer an incomparable richness in flavor and quality. The purity of these organic eaux-de-vie is further enhanced by the double distillation process used by the master blenders at Domaine Pasquet, resulting in a more refined and perfumed yield. Once left to mature, only traditional Limousin oak casks are used for aging.

Presentation of the box/bottle

This collection comes with an informative cardboard presentation box, featuring tasting notes, estate history and educational information about the region of Cognac. The bottles are the perfect 200ml miniature of their grown up 700ml versions, featuring an elegant drawing of nature meeting the alembic stills used in the Cognacs' production. This particular collection equally comes with two glasses adapted specifically for tasting these Cognacs like a true connoisseur.

How to Enjoy/Serve

As these are smaller, tasting bottles, it's recommended to drink neat to enjoy and savor every sip, offering an opportunity to draw comparisons between the various ages of these fabulous Cognacs. L'Organic 04 may be served with ice, or equally as the spirit in your favorite cocktail.

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Über Pasquet Cognac

Die organisch produzierende Cognac Marke von Jean Luc Pasquet spiegelt in jeder Hinsicht den Begriff 'kunstvoll' wider. Im Jahr 1998 wurde Pasquet Cognac das Zertifikat 'Agricultural Biologique' verliehen. Das familiengeführte Unternehmen lässt aus kleinen Dingen etwas Bezauberndes heranreifen. Darin besteht der Gegensatz zur Massenware. Die Gruppierung aus Vater und Sohn, Jean Luc und Jean Pasquet, prüft akribisch, ob jeder Produktionsschritt im Einklang mit der Umwelt steht. Und der daraus entstandene Cognac schmeckt wirklich außergewöhnlich.  

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