Frapin Multimillessimes Cognac

Grande Champagne

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Frapin Cognac
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A wonderful set that contains 5 full sized bottles from this much sought after series from the experts at Frapin Cognac. Each bottle is a blend of three very special vintage eau-de-vie, each from the premier terroir of the region, Grande Champagne.


A limited edition vintage collection

This wonderful collection from Frapin brings us the luxurious delight of five full sized bottles of vintage Cognac. Some years back Frapin began to showcase their skills in top-level vintage blending, and the Frapin Multimillessimes Cognac set contains bottle numbers one through to five. Each is a limited edition, produced from the very best that the terroir of Grande Champagne has to offer. The age of each element has been carefully selected to produce a very distinct taste profile.

The house of Frapin Cognac is one with an amazingly lengthy history. The family roots in the region can be traced as far as 1270 and stretch over twenty generations. The house is based in a stunning chateau in the town of Segonzac, in the heart of the Grande Champagne terroir. Frapin were the first producer to bring such a multi-vintage blend to market, and they’ve also diversified to create other Cognac related products, such as coffee and chocolate.

The set contains numbers 1,2,3,4, & 5 in the series, each being a unique blend of age stated years. Series N° 1 combines the vintages of 1982, 1983, & 1985. Series N° 2 brings us 1979, 1983, & 1985. Series N° 3 is 1982, 1983, & 1986. Series N° 4 combines 1982, 1983, & 1985, and Series N° 5 is a marriage of 1982, 1986, and 1989. Each is presented in a traditional style Cognac bottle—the precious liquid contained within is all thats needed to showcase what a truly excellent offering this is. Each label is matching, and states the vintage years that make up the blend. The individual bottles are stylishly presented in a wooden case, with the vintage years displayed in engraved glory on a golden colored plate. All of the Cognacs in the collection have been created in a strictly limited edition of only 1,270 bottles.

Each of these high end qualities deserve to be tasted in all their glory, so it’s recommended to enjoy them in the time honored manner: neat, and perhaps hand warmed in a balloon or tulip style glass. Of course, it’s your Cognac, so taste it your way—the adventurous out there might add a block or ice or even a drop of water to experience the subtle taste changes this brings.

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Über Frapin Cognac

Die Familie Frapin ist seit 1270 im Südwesten Frankreichs beheimatet. Schon immer im Bereich des Weinbaus tätig, spezialisierte sie sich erst viel später auf die Destillation und ist seitdem seit über 20 Generationen im Cognac-Geschäft tätig! Das Weingut besitzt 300 Hektar Land, das vollständig in der Grande Champagne liegt, davon sind 200 Hektar mit Reben bepflanzt. Frapin Cognac ist in der schönen Ecke Fontpinot in der Stadt Segonzac beheimatet. Das berühmteste Familienmitglied war der Schriftsteller Francois Rabelais aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, nach dem eine prestigeträchtige Frapin-Cognac-Flasche benannt ist: Die Cuvee Rabelais. Wie einige andere Cognac-Häuser muss Frapin sein Geschäft durch Diversifizierung in andere Luxusprodukte wie Schokolade oder Kaffee ausweiten. Frapin war der erste Cognac-Hersteller, der eine Multi-Vintage-Mischung erfand, bei der verschiedene Jahrgänge zum perfekten Geschmack kombiniert wurden.

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