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Revanche Cognac

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Revanche Cognac
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Eye: Clear amber hue with golden flecks.

Nose: Heady aromas of cacao, coffee, black pepper and spice with sweet hints of candied prunes. 

Palate: The initial explosion of aromas on the palate is of tobacco, smoke and a creamy nuttiness. It is an extremely well balanced and endlessly smooth blend. The finish is lengthy, rounded with a finish of sweet candied fruits. 


  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2022 - Gold

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The latest bespoke Cognac blend from Kim Birkedal Hartmann

Introducing the latest brainchild of Kim Birkedal Hartmann, with a fascinating story to tell - Revanche Cognac 70cl. A carefully curated quality blend of three-year-old select Vintages, aged for varying periods in oak casks.

It contains no additives or color, and has been created with 100% Ugni Blanc grapes grown in the finest growth areas of the Cognac region. 

Revanche Cognac was bottled on the 12th July 2019, and is a stunning example of Hartmann’s expertise and is beautifully presented with a glass stopper and iconic logo.

Hartmann has drawn upon years of unparalleled experience to blend the perfect Cognac. It is considered to be the "Rolls Royce" of Cognac, with luxury and quality at the forefront of its creation. 

Ten years after he brought out the Conjure Cognac line, he is back with Revanche - which for Hartmann, means “to start over again with something you’ve done before, but this time to win it.” Read more about the story behind the brand and the Revanche Cognac owner in an exclusive interview with Cognac Expert on our blog.

Serving Suggestions

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Or, in the case of Kim Birkedal Hartmann’s latest masterpiece, Revanche Cognac, chilled or spicing up your favorite cocktail.

In particular, Revanche Cognac pairs brilliantly with ginger ale. It can also be enjoyed straight from the bottle to the glass.

Presentation of the Revanche Cognac bottle

The logo is a double R that's applied to the bottle by hand, with a metallic, embossed look. The label is uber-plain, saying only Revanche Cognac, and the bottle is stoppered with a glass cork. It's a truly stylish bottle. 

À propos de Revanche Cognac

The name “Revanche”, translating from French to English as “revenge” is the latest line of Cognacs from Norway’s very own Cognac genius, Kim Birkedal Hartmann. Revanche also has another more unique definition according to Kim: means “To start over again with something you’ve done before, but this time to win it.” Ten years after he brought out the Conjure Cognac line, he is back with Revanche Cognac - the first being a hand-curated quality blend of three-year-old VS, VSOP, and XO, with no additives or color. The first 40,000 were bottled on 12 July 2019. And there is still bigger news yet to come. In an exclusive interview, Kim told Cognac Expert that Revanche will have an important partner and co-owner that is yet to be revealed to the public.

Visit the website:

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