Domaine du Puits Faucon XO Cognac


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Domaine du Puits Faucon

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  • Concours Général Agricole - Ministere de L'Agriculture - 2014 - Gold

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


A super XO quality cognac, the Domaine du Puits Faucon XO Cognac was justifiably awarded a gold medal at the 2014 Paris Concours Générale Agricole.  A dark golden color belies the years this blend of Borderies eaux-de-vie spent languidly aging in oak barrels.  

This is a wonderful XO quality cognac to enjoy when you have time to linger with good friends and good conversation.  In addition, it offers tremendous value for money for a cognac of this age from an artisan house.

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am   3 May 2020
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Nachgeschmack (Finish):

Warming and hedonistic!

My understanding is that this is a 20-22 year old Borderies cognac. As a newcomer to the cognac world, I only have one other cognac in my possession to compare this too: Dudognon Napoleon (from Grande Champagne, 12 years old). Right away my nose gets warm, spicy Cola and maple syrup notes. Additionally, there's vanilla, a slight nuttiness, cinnamon, and pain d'epices (gingerbread). It's impossible to read about Borderies without seeing the "violet" smells reference. But honestly, living in the city, I just have no clue what a violet smells like, so I won't dare say this smells like violet. In the mouth it is full, fat, and rich. It's not as fresh as the Dudognon, but that is not for one second to say it lacks freshness. This cognac seems to be much more about maple syrup, vanilla, and warming baking spices than it is fresh and youthful fruit. I suppose this has to do with its age and also perhaps since it comes from Borderies. Really, I'd qualify this as comforting, warming and quite hedonistic. The length is great, and the finish packs a little heat but is smooth overall. In fact, the tight grip at the end provides a nice contrast to the fatness of the cognac - a nice balancing act. I am glad to be the proud owner of the bottle. Also, I should mention that this review is based of two nights of initial tastings, one glass neat and the other with a single drop of water, both of which tasted over several hours. That single drop of water was the preferred glass. Delivery and packaging perfect too!

Über Domaine du Puits Faucon

Headed by Daniel Bouillard, the history of Domaine du Puits Faucon Cognac can be traced back to the year 1865.  Offering a small range of artisan produced cognacs, this is a house that many may not yet have heard of - but definitely one that should be sampled...  The house ownes 33 hectares of sprawling vines that cover the neighboring towns of  Burie and St Sulpice-de- Cognac.

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