La Distillerie Generale Vintage 1990 Borderies Cognac


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La Distillerie Generale

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Eye: Golden yellow sheen. 

Nose: The first nose is round and expressive, revealing aromas of fresh citrus and slightly tart pink grapefruit. Delicately enhanced by floral notes of hawthorn and acacia.

Palate: Freshness and delicacy are the hallmarks of this Borderies 1990. The finesse of this eau-de-vie is enhanced by the candied character of citrus fruits and lets us guess vanilla wood essences or pastries based on orange blossoms. After a lively attack full of freshness, the flexibility of the mouth reveals a beautiful balance between the silky melted wood and the fruitiness of pineapple victoria Rondeur. Softness and roundness are created through the finesse of the nuts of Saint Jacques, or the crab pulpit. Mango, avocado, tartar shallots, olive oil and salicorne blend for a surprising combination.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Borderies




La Distillerie Generale Vintage 1990 Borderies Cognac

Distilled between late 1990 and early 1991 at the Gallienne distillery in Javrezac, La Distillerie Generale Vintage 1990 Borderies Cognac is a fine representation of Borderies brilliance. Expressing and enticing freshness and delicacy, it holds a hallmark of the Borderies candied character. With unique notes of mango, avocado and olive oil, it is a true taste sensation with a tantalizing impact. Its lively attack and balanced finish will leave you wanting more.

Aged in fine-grained oak barrels with the 2nd filling (red barrel) in order to optimise exchanges and aromatic development as much as possible. First housed in cellar 1 of Port de Lys, then cellar 5 of the same site, these two cellars are said to be “wet” because they are very close to the Charente. Since September 27, 2016, this Borderies has been located on the Chanteloup site in the “drier” 9b cellar. Barrel n ° 341 724 of 350L which gave 300L at 71 ° corresponding to 1055 bottles of 35cl at 50% vol. according to the recommendation of Cellar Master Christophe VALTAUD.

Presentation of the bottle

The bold brilliance of the bottle is a true reflection of what lies beneath the surface. Royal blue complements the gold contents and contrasts the expressive red detailing. The considered stitching alludes to the flavors inside, with drawings of wildlife and floral essence. Inviting the imagination to run wild, it tells a tempting tale of this Cognac’s essence. A bottle of this brilliance demands the front row of a Cognac shelf or the centerpiece of a dining table.

How to enjoy

As a vintage, with a robust rigor of flavour, this Cognac is best enjoyed neat to allow its essence to fully embody. The sweat elements lend to a post-dinner tipple that lingers into the night.

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Über La Distillerie Generale

A collaboration between the finest experts in the spirits industry, The Distillerie Générale merge generations of savoir-faire from bigger brands such as Martell Cognac and Chivas Whisky with the contemporary creative streak of “small batch” production. Owned by Pernod Ricard, the possibilities and resources are endless when it comes to distillation, blending and design. The exclusive spirits line includes Cognac, Gentian, wormwood, vodka, gin, Armagnac, rum, mezcal, whiskey and tequila; each of which is presented in a bespoke 35cl or 50cl bottle with an embroidered fabric label designed by Paul-Bertrand Mathieu and Louis-Marie de Castelbajac. For the first time, consumers can enjoy the most precious and exceptional Cognacs in an accessible and stylish manner.

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