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Fins Bois

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Eye: This Fins Bois 2008 Vintage reveals a golden yellow color, with a particular brilliance and clarity to its liquid.

Nose: Upon the first nose, it is an expressive and elegant Cognac, with warm notes of brioche pastry, vanilla, honey and brown sugar. These sweet notes are perfectly balanced by sublime spice aroma, and a touch of coconut.

Palate: Balanced and fruity, with a roundness from the oak barrel. Its supple character is perfectly complemented by notes of blossoming vanilla and spice, interwoven with linden and chamomile. The subtlety of the tannins gives an overall harmony to the Cognac.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


A marriage of tradition and contemporary flair in a Fins Bois Vintage Cognac

Crafted for connaisseurs and hedonists alike, this artisanal producer presents their La Distillerie Generale Fins Bois 2008 Vintage Cognac. Drawing inspiration from both the past and the present, this Vintage is a breath of fresh air into the world of Cognac. Expertly selected by the Martell Master Blender Christophe Vautaud, La Distillerie Générale is a project of the world's finest producers, and this Cognac is no exception. 

A single cask Vintage Cognac, it has been matured in new fine-grained oak barrels with the purpose of imbuing the eaux-de-vie with rich aromas. The level of expertise harnessed at this distillery means that have chosen the Fins Bois with the utmost conviction. This growing area in the Cognac region is known for producing pleasantly floral eaux-de-vie, characterized by a particularly fast aging environment.

Bottled by hand, the bottle is perfectly elaborated and custom-made with an embroidered label; reminding the taster of a time gone by, yet remaining eternally present.

Distilled in the winter of November 2008 at the Gallienne distillery in Javrezac, the first distillation took place in a 100hl boiler, and then a 25lb Charentais gas still. Francois Hateau worked to improve his principles for over 20 years after the Second World War and by 1973, he had built the Gallienne still, which to this day is the most important piece of apparatus for producing Pernod Ricard's finest Cognacs. 

Aged in the cellars of the Pernod Ricard cellars, La Distillerie Generale draw on one of the largest selections of eaux-de-vie in the world; each of which is selected with passion and verve. The Fins Bois 2008 Vintage Cognac remained in barrels in the cellars' distillery until July 27, 2009, to then be transferred to its final resting place before bottling. It was then transferred to the Ligneres site in new barrels of fine-grained oak from the Troncais forest. These barrels were 350 liter-capacity, which created the perfect exchange between the wood and the eaux-de-vie.

Presentation of the decanter

When it comes to artisanal quality, this bottle is unlike any you’ll come across. A stunning ‘taster bottle’ shape with a cork stopper, the label is handsewn - an embroidered delight. The style is almost mock-oriental, taking its inspiration from pop art with shades of electric blue and scarlet. They have been designed by the same company as the Royal Navy insignias, and are the piece de resistance of this fine Vintage.

A gorgeous addition to any collection. This Cognac has not been cold-filtered.

1032 bottles of 35cl were created at 50% ABV, and 360 bottles of reserve Cognac.

Serving suggestions

While the stock for the Vintage 2008 Cognac is limited to a single-barrel, it is certainly one to be tasted, shared, mixed and savored as you see fit. It is recommended, however, to enjoy this Cognac at room temperature, with an ice cube to raise the vanilla notes of new oak. Try it in a tumbler glass.

This Cognac pairs incredibly with powerful cheeses such as Roquefort, and a 24-month old Comté. The flavors contrast beautifully with the sweetness of the Vintage. It can also be enjoyed alongside a foie gras, ginger toast, or a Saint Jacques tartare.

In the realm of cocktails, this Vintage will also pair extraordinarily with a Sazerac, a historic cocktail from New Orleans.

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Über La Distillerie Generale

A collaboration between the finest experts in the spirits industry, The Distillerie Générale merge generations of savoir-faire from bigger brands such as Martell Cognac and Chivas Whisky with the contemporary creative streak of “small batch” production. Owned by Pernod Ricard, the possibilities and resources are endless when it comes to distillation, blending and design. The exclusive spirits line includes Cognac, Gentian, wormwood, vodka, gin, Armagnac, rum, mezcal, whiskey and tequila; each of which is presented in a bespoke 35cl or 50cl bottle with an embroidered fabric label designed by Paul-Bertrand Mathieu and Louis-Marie de Castelbajac. For the first time, consumers can enjoy the most precious and exceptional Cognacs in an accessible and stylish manner.

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