Monfleurie L'Orchidée Limited Edition Cognac

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Grande Champagne

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Eye: Bright amber.

Nose: Delightfully light and unusual floral aromas.

Palate: Embark on a journey which initiates with iris and violets. The liquid reveals itself further, giving you a warm wave of sensations that will waltz across your palate. Notes of orange confit and crème brulée come to mind. The complexity of the Grande Champagne terroir delivers warming hints of cinnamon and baking spices. Each sip takes you deeper into the experience, and peaks with a crescendo long after the final drop.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


A Grande Champagne Cognac to celebrate refined female taste and power

No longer the old man’s spirit, a new brand of Cognac has been created to celebrate the spirit and beauty of the modern woman. Placing Cognac firmly in the woman’s realm, MONFLEURIE L’Orchidée Cognac is a chic and luxurious spirit with a feminine and floral twist. This first launch edition is dedicated to the Orchid, the flower which so perfectly embodies feminine beauty, power and love. L’Orchidée Cognac is made exclusively with grapes from the Grande Champagne; renowned for its undulating hills.

The floral blend descends from a 1960 harvest, and is enhanced by hundreds of eaux-de-vie aged for decades. Originating from Angeac, the sun-drenched region has millions of years of unique geology and fossilization to thank for its unique maritime climate that makes the finest of eaux-de-vie.

The Cognac itself was created in collaboration with the Boinaud family who have been perfecting their family savoir-faire for over 24 generations; they believe in producing Cognac from a ‘single estate’ and have one of the most impressive Cognac reserves in the world. You will not forget this unique sensory journey on the nose and palate – it is one that is undeniably feminine. Only two barrels were produced for the first edition of this MONFLEURIE Cognac, so it is certainly something to be treasured.

L’Orchide Cognac decanter

It is bottled in a unique, custom crystal decanter that is elegant, with a finely crafted cap. The decanter is hand-blown by a century-old glassmaker in France, and embodies everything that is delicately artisan. The bottle itself is hand-engraved by a French artist, and arrives in a lacquered wooden case that will make a wonderful keepsake.


MONFLEURIE is the brainchild of Olga Otrokhova, who is passionate about the world of Cognac and its unique savoir-faire. Having tasted a number of brands over the years, she felt that many of the larger ones were rather heavy or masculine in flavor and aroma. It was this moment that inspired her to create her own blend – with the power of women at the forefront of her mind.

The name of the Cognac is inspired by the French for “my flower”, in the belief that women are individual, precious and unique – one singular flower that should be adored and cherished.

This MONFLEURIE Cognac will not be the last. They are making an entrance with a series of limited editions, with the rare 1960 nectar forming the core of each one. Each edition will be named after a flower, which will also appear on the decanter and collar.


MONFLEURIE, a new brand of Cognac fashioned to celebrate the beauty and spirit of the modern woman. Captivating, chic and luxurious, it combines the best of Cognac’s savoir-faire with an unexpectedly floral, feminine interpretation in every exquisite drop.

Founded by entrepreneurial Cognac lover Olga Otrokhova, MONFLEURIE is a truly modern Cognac brand. Taking herself to the Premier Cru to learn everything there is to know about Cognac, she has created her own Cognac brand that perfectly represents the contemporary woman.

She takes her grapes directly from the hills of Angeac; a sun-soaked region that has millions of years of unique geology and fossilization to thank for its unique maritime climate that makes the finest of eaux-de-vie.

MONFLEURIE comes to the world in a series of limited editions, featuring the very rare 1960 Grand Champagne liquid in the core. Each edition will be themed to a flower that will be embodied on the decanter cap and collar.

The launch edition is dedicated to an Orchid (L’Orchidée in French), the iconic flower signifying feminine beauty, endurance, and love."

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