Jean Fillioux Cognac

Jean Fillioux Cognac

Covering fifty acres of land in the heart of Grande Champagne, Jean Fillioux Cognac is an independent, family-run estate that has been producing eaux-de-vie of high quality through five generations. Proud of their traditional methods, the current owner Christophe Fillioux is devoted to producing high quality, outstanding yet accessible Grande Champagne Cognac in limited quantities.

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Visit Jean Fillioux: Domaine de la Pouyade ,16130 Juillac-le-Coq


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The History 

Maison Jean Fillioux was founded by Honoré Fillioux in 1880, who had developed his skills of blending eaux-de-vie while working for a big Cognac house before founding his own estate in the heart of Grande Champagne. Known as La Pouyade, this estate is perfectly located in the ‘Golden Triangle’, an area bounded by the villages of Verrieres, Angeac-Champagne and Juillac-le-Coq, where the age-old chalk and clay cretaceous soil is well-known for the quality of the fruit it produces.

The company has remained in the family for generations, ensuring that the knowledge, care and valuable tradition have been passed down from father to son for over a century. The members of the Fillioux family have been blessed with a superb nose for the perfect blend – borne, no doubt, for their love of grapes, soil and the region in which they live and work. It is a tribute to their dedication of the generations that Jean Fillioux Cognac remains true to its roots today – standing strong as a family-run estate in an industry dominated by big names.

The Production

The family motto on their coat of arms is ‘Haut juché, juche le plus haut’,  which translates to ‘go high to see far’. Perched on top of a hill, the beautiful estate La Pouyade have indeed allowed the family to see far ever since 1894, as the imposing residence overlooks a magnificent vineyard located in the heart of Grande Champagne. Here in the middle of the ‘Golden Triangle’, these 25 hectares of vines benefit from legendary soil quality and great exposure to the sun. The harvest takes place in late September or the beginning of October, with fermentation on the lees. The major grape variety utilisied here is the fine and delicate Ugni Blanc, producing wines between 9% and 11% ABV, high acidity, and low tannins. The family have also been experimenting with Folignan, a hybrid of Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc which offers the aromatic qualities of the former and with the strength of the latter.

The barrels used for maturing the eaux-de-vie are made of French oak, with around 90% sourced from the Limousin forest and 10% from the Tronçais forest. All the barrels are chosen by cellar masters Christophe and Pascal, directly from the coopers - which means that each cask has been hand-picked for its qualities. Most of the young Cognacs will have been aged in so-called ‘red’ barrels, which have previously contained Cognac for five to ten years. The eaux-de-vie which are intended to be matured for 20 years or more will be put in new barrels for three to five years before they are placed in old barrels.

Jean Fillioux Today

In 2015, the care of this outstanding estate was handed over to the fifth-generation owner, Christophe Fillioux, who took over from his father Pascal. The current challenges include expanding the property to increasing their stocks of Cognac and building a new cellar by 2025. Cristophe also aims to create numerous developments at the estate in order to organize a magnificent tour for visitors. 

The Range

The Premier Cru Cognacs of Jean Fillioux are small in range but big on quality. Most are blends, but there are some notable vintage expressions as well.  Jean Fillioux Cognacs have received an array of awards and accolades, including five stars from Spirit Journal for their Tres Vieux expression, gold medals for their Napoleon and Cigar Club bottlings, and of course the Master Medal at the Cognac Masters 2021 for La Pouyade. Drinks International also listed Jean Fillioux Cognac as one of the ‘Top 10 Trending Brands’ of 2020 - this is a distillery to keep your eye on for sure. 

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