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Jean Fillioux Vintage 1992 Grande Champagne Cognac

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Grande Champagne

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Jean Fillioux Cognac

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Eye: Deep amber.

Nose: Marshmallow and vanilla slowly followed by pepper, cinnamon and stewed apple-like scents develop, contributing depth and freshness. 

Palate: Seamless and well rounded, with a semi-sweet harmony of dried fruits, honey, spicy oak and well-balanced acidity, while the finish is rich with oak and honey. 

Growth area & soil: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Jean Fillioux Vintage 1992 Grande Champagne Cognac

This vintage Cognac has been aged for over two decades in French oak casks before being bottled in 2013 at 42% ABV. The Jean Fillioux Vintage 1992 Grande Champagne Cognac has all the characteristics of a Premier Cru Cognac of this age, including a good balance of sweetness and spice, complemented by waves of vanilla and citrus peels. The use of wide-grain casks have imparted notes of rich spices and oak, creating a mature impression. Of course, this is a limited edition - so get it while you can. 

Founded in 1880 by Honoré Fillioux, the House of Filioux is now run by his great-grandson Pascal. The famous Domaine de La Pouyade - their 63-acre family vineyards - lie in the ‘golden triangle’ of Grande Champagne, between the Angeac-Champagne, Juillac-le-Coq and Verrières communes. For five generations the family have been tending to the soil here, growing Ugni Blanc grapes which produce wines that are low in alcohol and tannins, but high in acidity - the perfect combination for distilling flavorful eaux-de-vie. The micro terroir of the golden triangle has for a long time been regarded to produce the finest parcels of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, but only with the aid of extended aging to reach their full potential. 

Fillioux Cognac is famous for being an intimate, small-scale family production - and indeed, Pascal Fillioux oversees everything from the soil and the grapevines to the distillation and bottling. Carrying on skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, his estate belongs to a select group of family-owned Cognac producers that have maintained an appreciation for quality and centuries-old traditions. Thanks to Pascal’s dedication and unwavering loyalty, the House of Fillioux continue to create true masterpieces of Cognac to this day. 

Presentation of the Bottle

With its straight sides, squared-off neck, deep punt and natural wood stopper, this Cognac has a wonderful masculine appearance that instantly stands out. The presentation tube features an attractive wood-effect print, making this a great gift.

How to Enjoy Jean Fillioux Vintage 1992 Cognac

Pour into a tulip glass and allow the Cognac to rest for a moment before taking a sip; this will allow the most complex aromas to develop for a fuller tasting experience. For an added element of luxury, enjoy alongside a cigar or an espresso after dinner. 

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About Jean Fillioux Cognac

Covering fifty acres of land in the heart of Grande Champagne, Jean Fillioux Cognac is an independent, family-run estate that has been producing eaux-de-vie of high quality through five generations. Proud of their traditional methods, the current owner Christophe Fillioux is devoted to producing high quality, outstanding yet accessible Grande Champagne Cognac in limited quantities.

Tel: +33 (0)545830409

Email: contact@cognac-jeanfillioux.com

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