Rivente Cognac

Rivente Cognac

Translating literally as 'your way;, Rivente Cognac is a new brand that launched in 2017. The ethos behind the brand is one that will reach deep into the psyche of the hipsters, the clubbers, and the millennials who are only now beginning to explore the delights that Cognac has to offer. While Rivente produces three grades of Cognac, they are primarily being launched as 'cocktail Cognacs'. But rest assured that there is tradition behind the brand, with this brand new company being a collaboration between a traditional Charantais Cognac family and the American founders who are deeply rooted within the hip hop industry.

Visit the website: www.riventecognac.com


History of Rivente Cognac

Having been launched in 2017, it's not possible to give much information about a long, traditional history. However, Rivente Cognac is a collaboration between the contemporary and the traditional, with the Raclie family of the Charente providing the expertise and over a century of skill in the art of producing Cognac. Along with the founder of the company, Algen Albritten, each of Rivente's Cognacs have been created with the mixologist firmly in mind.

Rivente Cognac today

Rivente is a small, artisan brand that describes itself as 'a young, refreshing blend, meant for the adventurous drinker'. Everything about each of the Cognacs they produce is innovative, exciting, and perfect for those who like their Cognac in every which way, except the traditional. The youngest in the small range is an VSOP, and this is deliberate. Because, as the founders state, the mixologists of today want the freedom to use high quality Cognacs that pair well with their creations. Everything about Rivente Cognacs is crying out to take center stage–from the funky packaging, cool bottles, and a cheeky draw to the rebel that resides inside all of us. 

News, products, and anecdotes

There are currently three products on offer from Rivente Cognac: A VSOP, Napoleon, and an XO. The brand is one that's calling out to 'a generation that is oblivious to the magic of a Cognac'. This will certainly appeal to the younger generation, and for to those who enjoy their Cognac long, in a cocktail, chased, on the rocks, or, perhaps on occasion, neat.

Visit Rivente Cognac

There is no information about visiting Rivente Cognac. It's suggested you contact the house direct if this is something you want to do.

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