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La Guilde du Cognac

La Guilde du Cognac

La Guilde du Cognac is not so much a Cognac house, rather it’s a way to bring a range of products to market that’ve been created by small, artisan producers of the region.  It’s the creation of Maison Villevert, a house that boasts a history that can be traced back as far as 1487.  The concept is about bringing the expertise of some of the most talented small producers to the notice of a larger global population: a population of Cognac connoiseurs who understand and cherish true quality when they taste it.

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History of La Guilde du Cognac

In the middle ages such guilds existed.  Comprised of a designated group of people who carried out a specific activity - such as the creation of Cognac - and brought them together with specific rules to follow.

The Cognac house, Maison Villevert, is the brains behind bringing this concept back to life.  The family Robicquet settled in the Cognac region in the late 15th century, and played a key role in the beginning of the Cognac industry as we know it today.

La Guilde du Cognac today

The guild is passionate about providing their customers with a unique approach to enjoying Cognac.  Utilizing a human and a geographical approach, they’ve taken both the artisan and the terroir into account when creating their products.  To this end, each Cognac offered is a single cru blend from an artisan distiller.  Each distiller has been selected thanks to their unique and traditional approach to their art, not to mention the production of truly high quality Cognacs.

News, products, and anecdotes

La Guilde du Cognac offers a range that genuinely represent the different crus (terroirs) of the region.  Each terroir has differences in soil, subsoils, climate, and even the know-how of those who work the vines.  These unique regional characteristics lead to very different end products.  So the range produced by La Guilde du Cognac is that of Cognacs not only by terroir, but also by individual village.

It’s a unique approach, and one that will appeal to those who enjoy Cognacs that are of the highest quality and truly exclusive.

Visiting La Guilde du Cognac

Because this is not a Cognac house in the usual sense, it would be necessary to visit Maison Villevert - the house behind the concept.  There is no information available about visiting here.  Please contact the Cognac house directly for more information.

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