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Deau Vintage 2000 Pineau des Charentes 01

Deau Vintage 2000 Pineau des Charentes

Taille de bouteille
Teneur en alcool
Année de récolte
Type de Pineau
White Pineau
DEAU Cognac
55 $US
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Notes de dégustation

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Color: Radiates a golden hue, adorned with a clarity that captivates and enchants.

Nose: A vibrant concert of aromas featuring grapefruit and exotic fruits, intertwined subtly with nuanced wooden whispers and the sophistication of rancio.

Palate: Harmoniously orchestrated tastes create a delightful ballet on the palate, striking a well-poised balance between sweetness and freshness, culminating in complex tobacco notes in the finale.


Deau Vintage 2000 Pineau des Charentes

a true masterpiece is the Deau Vintage 2000 Pineau des Charentes. This limited-edition treasure showcases the maison’s mastery, born from the select harvest of the year 2000. Expressing remarkable power and generosity, this Pineau des Charentes is an eloquent ode to the meticulous art of Cognac creation and a tribute to a memorable millésime.

Presentation of the bottle

Clad in a bottle that echoes elegance and exclusivity, the Deau Vintage 2000 Pineau des Charentes is not just bottled Cognac; it’s a vessel of history, craftsmanship, and a particular year’s legacy. Each bottle, a guardian of the 2000 harvest’s character and charm, brings with it a rush of authenticity and limited availability.

How to drink

This exquisite Pineau des Charentes Millésime unveils its full array of aromas and flavors when savored with mindful appreciation of its millésimé magnificence. Consider enjoying it chilled, allowing each note to resonate with purity and express the unique character of the 2000 vintage.

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