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Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Cognac by FAITH XLVII

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Hennessy Cognac
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Hennessy Meets High Art With A Captivating Collaboration

An energetic offering from a famed Cognac house gets a brand new outfit with this limited-edition special. Hennessy needs no introduction in the world of Cognac, but when it’s by way of an incredible decanter design by artist FAITH XLVII, it sure doesn’t hurt. With sweeping golden illustrations and timeless motifs, the Cognac’s captivating character can be fully appreciated.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their VS limited-edition Cognac, Hennessy has enlisted the help of acclaimed South African artist FAITH XLVII. Mastering everything from painting to calligraphy to gold leaf detailing, her design that wraps around Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Cognac is at once dynamic and classically alluring. Symbols of both the sun and time feature prominently in the artwork, immediately conjuring similarities with the process of cognac production– the natural elements that the eaux-de-vie rely on, the many years spent waiting for them to age to perfection… and these parallels were not lost on her: “Distilling and assembling eaux-de-vie is like my process… it’s about taking basic elements and transforming them into something extraordinary.”

And extraordinary it is with Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Cognac; despite its youth, this boisterous brandy is anything but shy. Intensely aromatic and excitingly bold, it delights the palate with clarity, richness and exuberance. On the nose, expect toastiness and a fruity touch. This is a Cognac that effortlessly balances a dynamic tasting experience with an elegant core, a timeless foundation with a fresh touch of modernity. For this reason, it is recommended for very special occasions (as its name suggests), and to be shared among companions.

Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Cognac also offers versatility. Though its flavors are ferocious enough to pack a punch when enjoyed neat, it also makes for a delectable cocktail chameleon: as a beautiful base in classic creations, a welcome addition to refined recipes or a surefire way to elevate even the easiest mixed drink.

As a whole, this Cognac feels round and robust, a strong player sure to delight even the most careful Cognac connoisseur. With Hennessy at the helm and a dapper design to boot by one of the world’s most impressive artists, this limited-edition gem is a sensory delight in every way.

Read about another artistic offering from Henessy’s VS range by reading our blog article: Hennessy and Felipe Pantone: Limited Edition VS Cognac.

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À propos de Hennessy Cognac

Vous pensez sans doute qu’avec sa capacité à innover et à repousser ses limites, Hennessy est une marque de cognac tout à fait « moderne ». C’est là, en effet, une grande partie de son immense succès et de son influence. La marque très française située en Charente remonte en fait à 1765 — en Irlande — mais a su se renouveler sans cesse pour rester plus pertinente que jamais — avec l’actuel maître-assembleur Renaud Fillioux. Sa gamme de produits ultra-tendance ne cesse de s’étendre et ses campagnes de marketing n’en sont que plus captivantes. Il ne fait aucun doute que la culture « Henny » est bien vivante : ainsi le cognac et la marque Hennessy sont mentionnés dans quelques centaines de chansons.


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