Hennessy VS Very Special
Hennessy VS Very Special
Hennessy VS Very Special
Hennessy VS Very Special

Hennessy VS Very Special Cognac

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Hennessy Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

Eye: Deep golden color with flashes of ruby. 

Nose: Wild Limousin oak rises from the glass, alongside grilled almonds, hazelnut and vanilla. There’s a warming presence of vanilla at the back and just a hint of ground ginger. 

Palate: Fresh grape and green apples at the forefront, representing the younger elements in the blend, followed by more mature flavors of orange and wood staves. The ginger on the nose slowly develops into a finish of warming winter spices - cinnamon and clove. 


Hennessy VS: A Cognac tour de force

Representing centuries of Cognac making, Hennessy Cognac VS (Very Special) is a timeless icon: true to its origins, but always looking to the future. 40 different eaux-de-vie from across all Cognac regions are used in the blend, with a minimum age of two years and some aged up to five. 

To create the eaux-de-vie for Hennessy’s signature, the finest Ugni Blanc grapes are selected, fermented and distilled twice in copper pot stills, known locally as alembic charentais. While some producers choose to distil their spirit with grape skins and other types of sediment, Hennessy removes this to create a lighter and more delicate Cognac. After distillation, only the best eaux-de-vie will be selected during tasting sessions held by a select committee of experts, with the final blend crafted by Hennessy’s eighth-generation master blender, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde.

Maison Hennessy uses casks of French Limousin oak to age their VS Cognac, imparting a robust, nutty note to complement the light and fruity grape characteristics. Before they even get to touch the spirit, the wood for the casks has been left outside for several years, exposing it to the changing seasons to reduce bitter flavors and develop a natural vanilla sweetness.

Every tiny detail of Hennessy’s Cognac production is deliberate; the location of their cellars (or chais in French) on the banks of the River Charente has been chosen to provide a humid environment, with a relative moisture level of at least 90% to accelerate the angel’s share of alcohol vapors and create a more mellow spirit.

While all the parts of the blend have to be at least two years old, the master blender also chooses older casks to impart depth and balance - the aim is certainly not to produce the cheapest cognac out there. 

It might be a French icon, but Maison Hennessy was actually founded by an Irishman named Richard Hennessy in 1765. Today, it’s the world’s largest producer of Cognac, accounting for an impressive 40% of the market share.

Richard’s great-grandson Maurice created a star-based system in 1865 for signifying Cognac quality, which was shortly adopted by other producers as the industry standard. The beloved Hennessy 3-star Cognac later became Hennessy VS - or just ‘Henny’ - an icon as famous as the people who drink it. 

Presentation of the bottle

  • Cognac age: VS 
  • Growth area: Blend 
  • Bottle size: 700ml
  • Presentation box: None
  • ABV: 40%
  • Brand: Hennessy Cognac

How to enjoy Hennessy VS

Celebrities like Kanye West may drink it straight from the bottle, but we recommend trying Hennessy VS on its own in a tulip glass, or over ice. House of Hennessy ambassador Marc Boissonet recommends keeping it simple by adding bubbles: “A nice burgundy glass with a solid ice cube and a dash of sparkling water… that’s a way to enjoy it.”

Hennessy VS is also the perfect base for classic and modern cocktails: try it in a Sidecar, or make a twist on the Old Fashioned with a dash of ginger syrup and bitters. 

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À propos de Hennessy Cognac

Vous pensez sans doute qu’avec sa capacité à innover et à repousser ses limites, Hennessy est une marque de cognac tout à fait « moderne ». C’est là, en effet, une grande partie de son immense succès et de son influence. La marque très française située en Charente remonte en fait à 1765 — en Irlande — mais a su se renouveler sans cesse pour rester plus pertinente que jamais — avec l’actuel maître-assembleur Renaud Fillioux. Sa gamme de produits ultra-tendance ne cesse de s’étendre et ses campagnes de marketing n’en sont que plus captivantes. Il ne fait aucun doute que la culture « Henny » est bien vivante : ainsi le cognac et la marque Hennessy sont mentionnés dans quelques centaines de chansons.


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