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Bourgoin Brut de Fut 1994 Cognac 01

Bourgoin Brut de Fut 1994 Cognac

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Bourgoin Cognac
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Nose: A formidable tornado of nostalgic aromas: tobacco, old paper and old leather, but also nuts and hazelnuts. There are also fresher notes of jammy strawberries, bourbon vanilla and cinnamon bark.

Palate: Fresh and persistent, thanks to the alcohol content. The aromas of stone fruit and wood are very present and delicious.


Bourgoin Brut de Fût 1994 Cognac

A Cognac that blurs the lines between Cognac and art, Brut de Fut 1994 is a single year, vintage from the house of Bourgoin. Having matured for 22 years, the Cognac is characteristic of its decades spent in old oak barrels. With prevailing complex flavors, Brut de Fut surprises taste after taste, as an array of multi-layered aromas develop. The quality of this vintage is validated through the sheer fact that the eaux-de-vie did not under-go any cold filtration. Meaning the eaux-de-vie endured a completely natural process, where its deep golden color came to life through years in the barrel.

The house of Bourgoin is a contemporary craft Cognac brand that produces atypical and unique eaux-de-vie, by dedicating its passion and expertise to cultivating the very best vines, through the most natural means possible. With a drive to re-establish Cognac within the French market, Maison Bourgoin offers a unique range of Cognac and non-Cognac products. Meanwhile the brand boasts a strong branding identity which enables their Cognacs to stand out from the crowd.

Presentation of the bottle

Presented in a modern 35cl bottle, its design work embodies the house of Bourgoins identity as one of the most fashionable contemporary Cognac brands on the market. The bottles bold font with black and white labelling allows this Cognac to stand proud on the shelf, and contrast nicely against other more classically designed decanters in the drinks cabinet. The hand-engraving, by Frederic Bourgoin himself, adds an authentic finishing touch to this sustainably made Cognac.

How to enjoy

Pour your desired measure of Brut de Fut 1994 into a tulip glass, at room temperature. The narrow top of this type of glass will delicately distribute the arrival of aromas during the tasting. By adding a dash of ice or mineral water, you are able to subtly change the tasting experience slightly, as this will allow the aromas to open up a touch more.

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À propos de Bourgoin Cognac

Epitomizing the true concept of a micro-artisan cognac house. Bourgoin Cognac is all about a true passion for the land, the vines, the wine and, naturally, the creation of the ultimate product.  This family run estate is located in the village of Tarsac, where this small, close-knit group work tirelessly to bring to market a small but quality range of 'must-taste' cognac delights.

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