The Last Drop Distillers Vintage Year 1950 Cognac


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The Last Drop Distillers Cognac
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Nose: Old fruit, raisins, incense, and well-aged wood, with notes of coconut husk and fuel oil.

Palate: Notes of sherried stone fruits, balsamic, and oiled leather. With a salted caramel/cocoa powder back end, things start to go out on a lightly sweet high note, but the finish is so drying and woody that it sucks all the fruit away completely, ending on an almost astringent overtone.

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


The Last Drop Distillers Vintage Year 1950 Cognac

Presenting a powerful promise of rarity, The Last Drop Distillers Vintage Year 1950 Cognac is a hidden jewel of a product created from eaux-de-vie saved from Cognac houses no longer in existence. Made up of eaux-de-vie from the single vintage year of 1950, its contents were found in casks within a tiny distillery lost in the woods near Cognac. Revealing a complex array of aromas, this vintage treasure unveils hints of dried fruits, well-aged wood, and musky notes of leather and oil which strike a contrast against the sweeter nuances of caramel, cocoa powder and sherried fruits. 

The Last Drop Distillers is a company with an innovative and fun story: It sources its spirits from shuttered, abandoned, or “lost” distilleries. This means that Cognacs sold by The Last Drop are extremely exclusive, unique and rare as they will never be found or produced again - hence the brand name initiative of “the last drop”.

Presentation of the bottle

This Vintage Cognac bottle from Last Drop Distillers is presented with a driven cork wax-sealed, in a fine maroon leather display box. Enclosed with a certificate of authenticity and bottling date, this Cognac is a sure collector's item and a highly sought-after addition to complete any vintage Cognac collection.

How to enjoy

Take in this 1950s Vintage on its own and in its all its glory by sipping it near - at room temperature. As such a unique and complex aromatic expression, it's best enjoyed without distractions, sip slowly from a tulip glass and appreciate as the patchwork of aromas evolve in harmony throughout the tasting.

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Über The Last Drop Distillers Cognac

Three partners with more than 120 years’ experience of the fine spirits trade between them have formed a tiny company to share their experience and enjoyment with connoisseurs around the world, bottling and selling a few of the finest distilled spirits they have found.

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