Domaine de la Chauvilliere VS Cognac

Domaine de la Chauvilliere

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Domaine de la Chauvilliere
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Eye: A golden hue. 

Nose: Fine and harmonious, soft nutty quality.

Palate: The nutty quality is rounded and sweet - but naturally so. 


Cocktails at the Domaine: the VS Cognac from Domaine de la Chauvillière

If you’re looking for a new Cognac to spice up your cocktail selection, experience one of the finest exports from the Bons Bois cru - the Domaine de la Chauvillière VS Cognac. Harvested on the family-owned vineyard in Charente-Maritime, this Cognac offers a fine and harmonious drinking experience.

Founded in 1950 by the Hauselmann family, the Domaine de la Chauvillière does not shy away from the heritage or tradition of the Maison - this Very Special Cognac is the youngest of the collection, made of a blend of eaux-de-vie dating back to 2006. It has been distilled using traditional techniques.

This very Cognac has undergone traditional vinification without sulfur, and then distilled in their copper still. They have also used the most aromatic barrels for tasting and assembly of the VS. 

The region is known for its microclimate that produces exceptional harvests, especially with the Ugni Blanc grapes used in this Cognac - with long, dry summers and humid winters. This protection from adverse weather creates eaux-de-vie with a unique, aromatic intensity that can be used in cocktails, neat, on ice or even in high-end gastronomy.

All production processes happen on-site, from harvesting through to bottling, meaning the family has complete control over their produce. With its accessible price, this Cognac is ideal for mixing with cocktails and will undoubtedly impress drinkers with its flavor combinations and noble provenance.

Serving Suggestions

This Cognac can be enjoyed alone or with cocktails. It is certainly a bottle for experimentation. 

Presentation of the Bottle

This impeccably presented bottle emphasizes the nobility and traditional values of the Domaine de la Chauvillière with the company’s logo taking center stage. Its golden top and finishings on the label reflect the topaz jewel-like color of the Cognac within.

A classic and clean design that will fit nicely on the shelf alongside others in your personal collection.

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