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Malternative Belgium

Malternative Belgium

Cognac Jean Fillioux

Cognac #22

"Le prince des vignes"

Cognac Jean Fillioux

Cognac #22 "Le prince des vignes" -Lot 60/70

Get ready for an unforgettable summer with Malternative Belgium's latest release - Jean Fillioux's exclusive Lot 60/70 Grande Champagne!

The lot 60/70 is predominantly composed of wines from the 1960s, complemented by a few additions from the 1970s around two decades ago, likely for logistical purposes. This exquisite grande champagne has matured beautifully, undergoing a natural reduction of up to 43.1%, resulting in a delightful drink that is both enjoyable to sip (quaffable) and exceptionally intricate. It boasts an array of flavors, including tropical fruit, acacia honey, apricot, menthol, ripe white plums, and a touch of orange zest. Those fortunate enough to have experienced it deemed it a flawless summer spirit!

Growth Area: Grande Champagne

Cognac Age: Lot 60/70

ABV: 43,1%

Brand: Cognac Jean Fillioux

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About Jean Fillioux

Nestled within the coveted golden triangle of the grande champagne region, the esteemed cognac house of Jean Fillioux stands as a testament to time-honored craftsmanship. Founded in 1880 by Honoré Fillioux, the family's dedication to excellence has endured, making it a thriving enterprise even in 2023. Spanning an impressive fifty hectares, their vineyards are strategically positioned at the heart of the grande champagne, ensuring the production of cognacs that embody the true essence of this esteemed terroir.

As you approach the picturesque domain of La Pouyade, perched atop a hill, the majestic landscape reveals itself a few kilometers before reaching Segonzac. It's a breathtaking sight that instantly captures the imagination. The Fillioux family takes great pride not only in their cognacs but also in their harmonious relationship with nature. Upholding their core values, they actively preserve and protect the local fauna and flora, fostering a sustainable environment for generations to come.

In 2015, Pascal Fillioux, born in 1948, entrusted the reins of the domain to his son, Christophe, born in 1980. Yet, despite this transition, the father and son continue to collaborate seamlessly. Christophe, armed with a fresh perspective and innovative ideas, spearheads the pursuit of growth and advancement, while Pascal, a stalwart guardian of tradition, ensures that the family's legacy remains intact. This harmonious blend of tradition, family values, and unwavering commitment to quality is the hallmark of the Fillioux family.

At Jean Fillioux Cognac, tradition and innovation gracefully coexist. Covering fifty acres of land in the very heart of the illustrious Grande Champagne region, this independent, family-run estate has cultivated a reputation for producing exceptional eaux-de-vie over five generations. Guided by a profound appreciation for their heritage, the current proprietor, Christophe Fillioux, remains devoted to crafting remarkable Grande Champagne Cognac of remarkable quality. Embracing traditional methods with pride, the estate focuses on producing a limited quantity of outstanding yet accessible cognacs, ensuring that each bottle embodies the essence of this remarkable terroir.

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Previous releases

Cognac Grosperrin

Cognac #LBV2 Les Bons Vivants- Lot°73

Introducing Malternative Belgium & Asta Morris Les Bons Vivants Lot N°73 Cognac, a unique and exceptional spirit coming from a single cask, bottled at cask strength 53.6% abv, natural color, and of course without any additives whatsoever.

There have been several other Lot N°73 Petite Champagne Cognacs bottled under Guilhem Grosperrin’s watchful eye, but this Malternative Belgium & Asta Morris Les Bons Vivants Cognac edition is only now seeing the light of day for the first time. In short, it has never been bottled before.

Growth Area: Petite Champagne

Cognac Age: Lot 73

ABV: 53.6%

Brand: Cognac Grosperrin

Sold out. Sorry, you missed it.

Cognac Grosperrin

Cognac #LBV2 Les Bons Vivants- Lot°73

Masterclass with Guilhem Grosperrin

In the summer of 2021, Ysatis and Pieter of Malternative Belgium had the opportunity to explore the remarkable Grosperrin cellars in Saintes, where they discovered casks from various small family Cognac producers carefully chosen over two decades by the reflective and talented Guilhem Grosperrin. On the occasion of this visit, the Malternative duo was guided through the cellar, tasting some of the most unique Cognacs that might have otherwise been lost in blends from larger houses - but thankfully saved and cellared by Grosperrin. It was during this journey that Ysatis and Pieter selected two casks, one from N°84 (released back in 2022) and the other, this extraordinary N°73 cask.

This Lot N°73 Cognac has a rich history, originating from the estate of André Bertandeau, a respected winemaker and winegrower in Salignac-Sur-Charente. After being deported to Germany during World War II and two years of forced labor, and later liberated by the Russians, André dedicated his life to supporting families affected by the war and donated his profits to charities such as Doctors Without Borders. In honor of André's legacy, this cask was shared equally between Malternative Belgium and Bert Bruyneel of Asta Morris, with 246 bottles each.

This top-quality Petite Champagne Cognac offers a delightful balance and straightforwardness that is truly captivating. The aroma of ripe peaches, fruit blossoms, and mango, is followed by a taste that mirrors the scent with no surprises - “no craziness” as Pieter himself mentions. The wood's presence adds a pleasant touch of minty freshness, accompanied by hints of old books (rancio), black tea, and cinnamon sticks.

As with any of Malternative’s bottlings - and frankly anything from Grosperrin’s cellars - you can be sure that the Cognac is of the highest quality, and a unique expression of the Petite Champagne terroir, the distiller’s skill, and Grosperrin’s acute awareness of how to properly bring a Cognac to age.

Indulge in the Malternative Belgium & Asta Morris Les Bons Vivants Lot N°73 Cognac, an extraordinary blend of history, interesting personalities, craftsmanship, and flavor.

Cognac Vaudon

Cognac #21 Lot 77 "Le soleil du printemps"

Malternative Belgium's March 2023 release is a 46-year-old Fins Bois Cognac distilled and bottled by Vaudon Cognac. It's rare for producers of this particular growth area to keep their eaux-de-vie for more than 15 to 20 years. However, this one has been allowed to age gracefully in the cask. It's a well-balanced and highly aromatic Cognac. With spring just around the corner, it's the perfect time to enjoy the revival of nature in your glass.

The Cognac #21 "Le Soleil du Printemps" Lot 77 (The Spring Sun) has notes of salty sweet honey with floral undertones, reminiscent of a visit to the beekeeper. It also boasts ripe stone fruit and stewed "haspengouwe" pears, with custard buns and brioche providing a pleasant balance. The taste is rounded off with white pepper and notes of licorice. Despite its firm body, this Cognac dances elegantly on the palate. Its finish is layered and pleasant.

Growth Area: Fins Bois

Cognac Age: 46 Years Old (Bottled February 2023)

ABV: 54.9%

Brand: Cognac Vaudon

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Cognac Raffaud

Cognac #20 Lot 66 "La Maison Rouge"

Growth Area: Borderies

Cognac Age: Lot 66 - Bottled 2022

ABV: 50.7%

Brand: Cognac Raffaud

Sold out. Sorry, you missed it.

A selection from Saint-Sulpice-de-Cognac, located in the smallest of the 6 crus: the Borderies. Representing only 5% of the Cognac region, this cru is made up of mostly clay and chalky soils, and it is here where the domain of the Raffaud family resides in a plot surrounded by their own vineyards. Understated and unexpected, the house is run by Michel and Annie, who happily enjoy their retirement while the younger generations continue its activities. Known as "La Maison Rouge”, this Cognac house only sells its young eau-de-vie to larger brands and until now has never sold its products under its own name "Raffaud".Revealing character, the Cognac matured its entire aging process in a 150-liter cask (much smaller than usual), whereby 78 liters have survived the test of time, allowing for 112 bottles to be sold at natural cask strength.

Cognac Raffaud

Cognac #20 Lot 66 "La Maison Rouge"

Tasting notes by Max (Cognac #20 Lot 66)

Nose: Upon first pour a spirit nip and an antique wood varnish note - not at all unpleasant, adds a degree of sharpness which belies the Cognac's age. Then come the fruits: mushy overripe banana and stewed peaches. Butter heating in a pan. Milk chocolate and a runny light caramel. Dusting of soft spices. A little earthiness, old world rustic charm.

Palate: Three French words: patissier, gourmand, and fondu - all of which evoke seductive, dessert like tastes. Wonderful feeling of a natural sweetness yet counterbalanced by the lively earthy and woody tones. Alive! Various stewed fruits: peaches, nectarines and bananas. Warming unabrasive spice. Great balance between the stewed fruit, spice, and old wood notes. Creamy nougat and toffee. Again, this loaded natural sweetness. Fantastic on the palate, which exceeds the already good nose.

Finish: Long with great flavor intensity. Precise. Muscular but with zero aggressiveness, or astringency. Wonderful!

Pineau des Charentes #2 Lot 66 "La Patisserie Rouge"

Pineau des Charentes #2 Lot 66 "La Patisserie Rouge"

Growth Area: Borderies

Pineau Age: Lot 66 - more than 50 Years Old

ABV: 18%

Brand: Cognac Raffaud

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$ 162 $ 137
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A second product of the Raffaud family, this Pineau des Charentes, aged for more than 50 years, is an exclusive jewel and a truly rare find. Revealing complexity, rich flavors and refinement, it is blissfully unique and well-balanced with a floral touch, notes of yellow flowers, and sweet tobacco. It boasts a floral freshness with hints of Yasmine, alongside its impressionably great age. Serving tip: Do not put this Pineau in the fridge, it is best served at room temperature and, once opened, should be consumed within 6 months.

About Cognac Raffaud

Cognac Raffaud has been a family-run business for three generations. Michel Raffaud, the current head of the company, took over in 1960 when he was at the young age of sixteen. His father passed away only four years after Michel took over the business. At the time, the Maison only had four to five hectares of vineyards and a small wood-fired alambic.

Over time, Michel expanded the vineyards and switched from the wood-fired alambic to coal-fired. Despite their success, Michel and his wife Annie never bottled any of their Cognacs or Pineau des Charentes, instead selling their Eaux-de-vie to Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier, and Grand Marnier. The only exception was Lot 66, which Michel kept for himself and was now bottled with Pieter from Malternative Belgium. Selected from a sentimental year of Michel's life, the eau-de-vie used to make these hidden Cognac and Pineau jewels come from when he first met his wife – Annie. This Lot was harvested by hand and aged in new barrels for three to four months before being transferred to tonneaux and put into old barrels to rest.

Cognac Raffaud only ages their eaux-de-vie in Limousin oak barrels, which helps to bring out the distinct violet flavor profile that the Borderies region is known for. Today, they have 40 hectares of vineyards in Borderies, and they distill their Eaux-de-vie using gas. Hubert, Michel’s son, is slowly taking over the family business. Both Michel and Annie have an incredible knowledge and an outstanding sense of taste. That is why both are also judges at various spirits competitions, with Michel judging Cognac and Annie judging Pineau. On February 25th and 27th, 2023, Michel and Annie will be judging at the Salon de l’agriculteur in Paris.

The name, “La Maison Rouge” has remained a mystery for the Raffaud family. Despite their attempts to uncover the origin of the name, the only explanations they have come across are that the house may have once been painted red, or that the vollets on the windows were once painted red. Neither is the case, as they scraped all the paint off to see if it was actually the red color. They also investigated the possibility that it was once a post house, but no explanation was found for why it was called “La Maison Rouge”. The only other explanation is that, when standing in the back of the house in certain angle with the sun and the wind, the light shimmers red. To this day, the origin of the name remains unknown.

Pieter on the new Releases

We’re eagerly anticipating your latest Malternative bottlings: Cognac #20 "La Maison Rouge" (Lot 66) and Pineau des Charentes #2 "La Patisserie Rouge" (Lot 66).

What can you tell us about these latest releases?

This collaboration comes from a friendship that blossomed in the summer of 2022 when I met Michel and Annie Raffaud by chance. I’d taken the wrong turn when visiting neighbours and decided to introduce myself. By the third time I met with them, they gave me the key to their cellar and permission to taste everything! Cognac #20 derives from their wedding anniversary cask, making it even more special and sentimental. Of course, I wanted it bottled and to be enjoyed - the pair had never bottled anything by themselves, as they only work for big Cognac houses…while they are now retired, the younger generations continue work on the vineyard and distillery.

Pieter tasting Cognac and Pineau in Raffaud's cellar.

Previous Releases

Cognac No. 18 Laurichesse

"Le Chef de Meute"

This exceptional single cask cognac from the mid 1970s is a Grande Champagne of the highest level. Handmade on a wood fired small Alambic Charentaise and then kept with great care until the bottling date 30/06/2022.

This cognac is a sister cask of the successful Malternative release #16. In consultation with Olivier and Léa Laurichesse, they came to an agreement in May 2022 to bottle not 1 but 2 barrels and release them in 2022, both bottled on 30/06/2022. An opportunity that you should not miss, we speak here of exceptional Grande Champagne cognac. Expect an explosion of fruit that is so beautifully balanced. Ripe apricots and mango lead the way. In combination with the ripe notes of pineapple, we also get influences from red fruits such as cherries and berries. The balance of acidity, sweetness and spiciness is so beautifully integrated. This cognac is wonderfully aged and has a majestic aftertaste.

Another gem of a Cognac!

Sorry, you missed it. We are already sold out.

Growth Area: Grande Champagne

LOT: 75

ABV: 50.3 %

Bottle size: 70 cl

Brand: Laurichesse

Cognac No. 19 (Secret Producer)

"La Patine"

Malternative Belgium & Passion for Whiskey

For Malternative, this cognac is the result of a beautiful quest, a passion for making contacts with respect for culture and family history. This find at a small bouilleur de cru makes them very happy, a realization of days of dedication and several trips.

At the request of the producer's family, we cannot share the name of the cognac house, for which we have respect. This 1928 vintage cognac stands for finesse and sophistication. Subtle flavors and complexity that can only be achieved by letting time do its thing. This cognac was taken out of the barrel in good time and divided into dame jeannes, kept in the buildings of ORECO (organisation économique cognac) to guarantee the vintage.

The balance between ripe and fermented white fruit, rancio, tobacco bars and mint is fantastic! So old and still vibrant with life. The gourmand character and its complexity emphasize its mark on history. History, that's what you get in your glass.

Sorry, you missed it. We are already sold out.

Growth Area: Grande Champagne

Vintage: 1928

ABV: 40.2%

Bottle size: 70 cl

Brand: Unknown / Secret

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Pineau des Charentes No. 1 Daniel Bouju

"Le Chalumeau"

Malternative's first Pineau des Charentes under their own label! In collaboration with the house Daniel Bouju, which is very close to their heart.

This 19 year old Pineau, a très vieux, has a perfect balance for us between acidity/acidity & sweetness. They don't like that sticky, over-sweetened Pineau. This pineau has aromas of sultana, honey, raisins, gingerbread and toasted bread. This in combination with the acidity of a good Riesling wine. Makes this delicious drinkable in both winter and summer, at the fireplace or on a sun-drenched terrace.

Sorry, you missed it. We are already sold out.

If you are looking for alternatives, feel free to check one of the following Cognacs: 

We also asked spirits experts, Angus MacRaild of Whisky Sponge, John Go of Malt Review and the Cognac Expert team the question: “Do you have a Cognac Malternative? Which is your personal favorite? This is what they revealed: discover.

Growth Area: Grande Champagne

Vintage: 2003

ABV: 18 %

Bottle size: 70 cl

Brand: Daniel Bouju

The small cognac house of Daniel Bouju is a family run affair located in the village of Saint Preuil in the Charente. Covering 30 hectares of vines in the heart of the famed Grande Champagne region, Cognac Daniel Bouju has a wine making history that stretches back to the 19th century. Enjoyed in countries around the world, this independent cognac label concentrates on producing a diverse range of artisan cognacs as opposed to aspiring to the large, industrial production of the big cognac houses.


Eye: A rich coffee-like color.

Nose: Deep and flavoursome, the nose first presents hints of Caribbean rum. Followed by Demerara sugar, and smokey notes of tobacco leaves and cigar boxes. There are also some spicy aromas including nutmeg, clove and cinnamon, before fragrances of rancio and leather kick in.

Mouth: Rich, always with clear undertones of brown sugar and molasses, alongside figs and prune jam. The mouth then prevails with hints of liquorice and tobacco, before notes of leather and a few drops of Fernet Branca come to life. There is an underlying caramel sweetness that complements notes and flavors of burnt cake while keeping slightly tannic woody aromas in check.

Reviews (0)

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Ysatis and Pieter - the couple behind Malternative Belgium

Meet the Man Behind Malternative Belgium

“Malternative” is the coined brand name implying there’s more to the spirits world than Malt Whisky. And we couldn’t agree more. But, while we may be biased here at Cognac Expert, as in our world, Cognac will always hold a special place in our hearts. Nevertheless, we’re always interested in meeting with independent producers, bottlers and negotiators to discover new products, practices and points of view regarding the spirits world – both inside and outside of Cognac.

So, who better to sit down and chat with than Pieter Knapen? The friendly face behind Malternative Belgium – Pieter has been working in the spirits world for over fifteen years. Having started with a passion for single malt whisky, he’s had the chance to build up an impressive tasting palate over the years and has subsequently been able to discover other spirits, food and drink delights.

From older qualities to limited quantities, Malternative Belgium is passionate about Cognac and its rarities, in particular. With 3 years under his belt working as an independent bottler already and 10 years of regular visiting and exploration of the beautiful Cognac region itself, we couldn’t wait to pick Pieter’s brain, who kindly sat down with us to share a glimpse into his experiences, opinions and exciting new launches coming up this year. So without further ado, discover our deep dive with Malternative Belgium below.

The Cognac Vs Malt Whisky debate

The first question we had for Pieter came easily to us. As a man who had left the world of whisky in search of “malternatives”, it made sense that we’d be curious to know why he now chooses to devote his work to the exploration of Cognac.

With a background in whisky, and as a true whisky lover and connoisseur, what are the reasons you think Cognac is the better product?

I love to discover new things, so it was a natural progression for me. Why is Cognac a malternative over other spirits such as rum, for example? Well, that would be because of its full flavor profile, I love that Cognacs can be smooth, fruity and woody, there is something for all tastes. Yes, other spirits may be easier to work with than Cognac, but that’s part of it too, I’m motivated by a challenge, and I find Cognac is so much more exciting to discover because of the personal approach it comes with.

Are there any parallels between independent bottlers of scotch whisky and independent bottlers, like Malternative, for Cognac?

Yes, there are parallels. Most bottlers are looking for something that is unique and unusual. For example, you try to discover crus that are unknown hidden gems. So no matter if it’s a rum, whisky or Cognac as a bottler, you make a selection by digging into the niche market. Quality and personality are always favored over quantity.

Becoming an independent bottler

With the role of an independent bottler in mind, we were keen to ask Pieter about his work with Malternative and the journey he’s taken to get where he is with the brand today.

How would you describe Malternative Belgium to someone who is just entering the Cognac scene?

It’s personal. It stands for the discovery of flavors, being able to foresee what direction it can go, and as I mentioned earlier, identifying whether or not the quality is truly one-of-a-kind. I really believe education about spirits is important, so for me, Malternative represents the idea of not seeing Cognac as part of the drinking culture, but instead – as a value added to daily life.

After working in importing, Pieter was able to learn a thing or two about consumers, products and the market throughout his career. So, with the acquired know-how to set up his own independent bottling business, Malternative initially started as a professional hobby, where Pieter found the freedom to make his own decisions. Naturally, this professional hobby has now become a full-time commitment and an ongoing passion – and one that certainly doesn’t come without its professional challenges.

What are your biggest challenges as an independent bottler?

Of course, there are logistics and taxes to consider. A lot goes into it; it’s investing a lot of time to build a good relationship with potential partners. It involves a lot of patience and taking things step by step – and quite often, it comes down to being in the right place at the right time. Working with different producers means you most often have to start from scratch with every new bottling. Also, in my case, the distance between France and Belgium can be challenging, as the work entails lots of travelling to Charente.

With every successful challenge complete comes a reward. We particularly appreciated what motivates Pieter the most when it comes to his work:

For me, the true highlight of being an independent bottler, is the intense moments when people come to my place, and I’m able to offer them an exceptional Cognac, which in turn usually receives great feedback. It’s giving people an experience and great moments in life that fulfills me most.

Visits to Charente

A region renowned for its beautiful landscapes, rural villages and charming sense of community, we know very well why Pieter fell in love with Charente upon his first visits to Cognac all those years ago. And despite the constant travel back and forth between France and Belgium, after speaking in closer detail about his work in Charente – we can see exactly why he decided to convert his passion into his livelihood, as indeed, it demands his full-time attention.

Upon every trip to Charente, Pieter must schedule appointments to visit new Cognac houses and dedicate time to existing acquaintances in order to strengthen relationships. While much of the business trips are planned ahead, he divulges that he also puts aside a period of free time for spontaneous exploring and visits.

Most often, the greatest discoveries are found unannounced and actually when I’ve just shown up at a producer's place out of curiosity. Most are welcome and are open to showing me their Cognacs. I love driving around Charente searching for hidden places, signs and potential cellars waiting to be discovered.

Pieter's top restaurant pick in Charente:

Address: La Ribaudière in Bourg-Charente (1 star Michelin restaurant in the region) - Located just a stone’s throw away from Jarnac, it has an incredible Cognac bar, offering delectable Cognac food pairings.

The Power of Connection

Developing and maintaining existing relationships is arguably the most important part of being an independent bottler, and Pieter can vouch for this:

I only select Cognac that I first of all like personally, but also where I feel a connection to the producer, their Cognac house and its style. I find small producers from driving around, talking with people…attending festivals and even on social media.

Not only does Pieter (and other independent bottlers) have to convince producers to want to work with him effectively, but a deal must be secured for the independent producer to bottle an exclusive edition just for Malternative. Sounds like a task, right? So how does he do it?

The hardest part is getting people to see what I see. I have to help them understand why one particular, old-quality Cognac deserves its chance to be bottled and then sold…by me. It’s, in turn, a collaboration where I have to be trusted with the role of a brand ambassador. It’s much more than just bottling the bottle. So the personal connection with the producer is a given, alongside honesty, transparency and having an all-around good feeling about everything.

Selecting Cognacs

The criteria for selecting a Cognac varies between independent bottlers, each with their own preferences and tastes. We’ve learned already that for Pieter, it’s all about quality and rarity. But as keen connoisseurs here at Cognac Expert, we wanted to know the specifics. Pieter breaks it down for us.

What’s important for you when selecting a Cognac?

Well, first of all, the Cognac has to bring a spontaneous smile to my face and instant happiness. Meanwhile, I’m looking for quality, cask strength, pure, natural form and natural aging.

Is there a specific taste profile you are looking for?

Balance is the main thing: I like to taste what I get on the nose, as that’s where the journey begins. A round and well-integrated Cognac presents the two in harmony.

In other words, if you are tasting a handful of samples, what makes you say “Yes! That’s the one we need.”?

Authenticity, good representation of the cru, it is a Cognac that is well balanced and well presented.

When looking at the previous releases, we notice lots of very old Cognacs. Is this a rule or just a coincidence based on the best samples you’ve found?

Age is a measurement that gives complexity, but this does not necessarily mean the older, the better. For example, I’ve tasted old Cognacs that were completely destroyed after having aged too long.

Selecting Pineau

Though Cognac is Malternative’s usual focus, after spending so much time in Charente, we’re not surprised that Pieter also chooses to dedicate some of his time to Pineau des Charentes – as, like with Cognac, it is nearly impossible to visit the region without coming into contact with the wonders of Pineau.

We’re pleased to see you’re also venturing into the world of Pineau des Charentes…what is fascinating to you about Pineau?

I’ve always liked good wines – sherry and port. And I’ve been lucky enough to have tasted some amazing stuff. Therefore, I wanted to delve further. While I often find that Pineau is too sugary for my personal tastes, once in a while, I discover more complex Pineaus with natural sugars that are rich and well-developed.

Belgium's older generations were once the biggest exporters of Pineau des Charentes. Today, the younger generation is keen to reintroduce it again.

Since it comes from the same region as Cognac, carries the same passion, and is a high-value product for the money. It just makes sense, really.

For someone who has never tried a Pineau, what would you say to them to encourage them to give one a try?

It is based on passion and is a total niche from Cognac. Honestly, more people should know about it. It presents so many possibilities and is easily drinkable…chilled…with friends… in cocktails. It features the same flavors and cask involvement as Cognac, only it is easier to drink, can be consumed in different ways, and it usually comes at a lower price point too. What’s not to like?

Designing the Malternative Belgium labels

Once the eau-de-vie has been selected, it’s onto the bottling process and label design. But how much involvement exactly does Pieter have in this? A jack of all trades, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that he, too, is responsible for working alongside the label artists collaborating with Malternative.

Much of the creative imagination comes from me, and then I work with artists who personalize labels. I’ll often approach someone with a great painting. For me, the label should highlight Cognac. So rather than simply using the label to create a marketing story aimed at selling Cognac, I aim to display what is inside and offer transparency.

What is your inspiration for such designs?

Every label tells a story or relation to the product. It can originate from something that I saw at the property, related to the estate, or to the Cognac. From animals to food offerings in Charente…it can be anything.

Finally, we like to round things up with a couple of “just for fun” questions: So…you are stuck on a desert island and can only have one Cognac (and glass, of course) and one book. What do you bring?

That’s so hard because I have many different Cognac crushes, but Laurichesse Cognacs have truly unique profiles, so I’d have to choose this brand. And I’d take a copy of Lights out in Wonderland by DBC Pierre.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?

That’s easy, it could only be my wife and godchild.

More Bottlings: Malternative Belgium

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