Armagnac Marcillac Vintage Collection 1970 01

Armagnac Marcillac Vintage Collection 1970

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Armagnac Marcillac

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  • 700ml - Nosūtīts no Francijas
  • Kartona kaste
  • Limited Edition Box

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Tasting notes by Taylor

Eye: Identical to the Marcillac 1975, the Marcillac 1970 pours a deep copper color with metallic reflections. As the glass bowl is coated for the first time, one will notice a disk that sets on the walls of the glass and refuses to cast legs. After a brief moment of time in motionless suspension, the disk breaks and slowly crawling legs drip down the glass. Once again, richness, body, depth, and texture seem to be present in spades.

Nose: Extroverted yet composed first come to mind as the nose is dipped into the glass. The oak presence takes somewhat of a backseat and allows cushioned soft fruits to come forward. With time in the glass, the nutty and salted butter smells make themselves apparent. Behind it all there are some warming tingly spices in the mix. Everything is in good proportion: the oak, the fruit - candied and dried - the vanilla, the spices, and the nutty buttery notes. Nothing is out of place; nothing is edgy. All aromas act as one cohesive unit. The taster’s attention is captured from the first second. It is not an outrageous nose; It’s just a classic, sophisticated, almost perfect nose. Bravo!

Palate: In the mouth, from the entry to the midpalate all the way to the finish, everything is measured and seamless in transition. The oakiness, while certainly present, is more civilized. The fruits, both candied and dried, are soft and provide cushion for the palate. Speaking of fruits, this Armagnac is all about red raisins, figs, fig jam, Medjool dates. Fresh fruit pastes also feature prominently. There’s also more of the dark raw honey. The texture is again out of this world, as one could swirl and chew on this without swallowing for hours on end. The warming spice tingle is present throughout, but thankfully never adds heat. The finish shows the grainy rustic tannins, and the black tea astringency does ruffle the cheeks, but it’s all just so fine. What more can one say? This is a fantastic mature Armagnac!


Armagnac Marcillac Vintage Collection 1970

The Ugni Blanc grapes used for this Armagnac were harvested in 1970 before being pressed and left to ferment naturally. The Armagnac Marcillac 1970 was then distilled the following winter in a continuous alembic still, traditional for this spirit. The vintage of an Armagnac corresponds exclusively to the year of harvest, and although some brands offer wonderful blends between vintages, Marcillac only bottle pure vintages. This particular release has spent decades in oak barrels, and only 500 bottles have been produced. 

On leaving the alembic still, the eau-de-vie is transparent, with an alcohol percentage between 52% and 60%. At this moment, the Armagnac is highly aromatic, with fruity and floral notes; the subsequent maturation in oak casks provides complexity and increasing softness.

Located in the Lot-et-Garonne region near the city of Agen, the Marcillac Armagnac estate dates back to the 12th Century when it was founded by Prémonté monks. The monastery was acquired in 1730 by a wine merchant from Bordeaux who restored it and converted it into a castle, which was fashionable at the time, and focused on developing the vineyard and wines. The current family acquired the estate in the year 1900 and started distilling wine to make Armagnac following the exact same vinification, distillation and aging processes that the monks followed centuries before. 

The sandy, gravel-rich soil of Lot-et-Garonne is similar to that of Bas Armagnac, producing Ugni Blanc grapes that result in powerful Armagnacs which are superior for aging. The old chapel at the castle, made with thick stone walls, provides the perfect location to age eaux-de-vie for extended time periods. Combining the wonders of a superb region with the perfect conditions for aging, you simply can’t fail to get a great result. Today, the production at Marcillac is run by Robert, the fourth generation of winemakers on the estate. Although he has brought some innovation and modernity to the company, he still strictly makes his Armagnac using traditional methods. 

Presentation of the Bottle

Shown in the ‘basquaise’ bottle style that is timelessly popular with Armagnac, the Marcillac 1970 has been hand-sealed with wax following traditional methods. The rose gold color used for the logo is not only elegant but also contrasts subtly with the color of the liquid. Each bottle has been individually numbered by hand. 

How to Enjoy Armagnac Marcillac 1970

We recommend trying this vintage Armagnac after dinner, paired with traditional Gascon desserts or even a cigar. Pour into a tulip glass and let it rest for 30 seconds or so before taking a sip. Appreciate every aroma and flavor note, the result of years in oak, waiting for the moment when the liquid touches your lips. 

Par Armagnac Marcillac

Lot-et-Garonne ir smilšaina, grants augsne, kas ir līdzīga Bas Armagnac augsnei, kurā tiek audzētas Ugni Blanc vīnogas, no kurām iegūst spēcīgus un izturēšanai piemērotus armaņjakus. Tikmēr šatē, kas būvēta ar biezām akmens sienām, ir ideāla vieta, kur ilgstoši nogatavināt degvīnu. Šie apstākļi ļauj Maison Armagnac Marcillac ražot labi nogatavinātus vīnogu ražas produktus ar augstākās kvalitātes un garšas īpašībām. Apvienojot izcilā reģiona brīnumus ar ideāliem nogatavināšanas apstākļiem, vienmēr tiek panākts iespaidīgs rezultāts. Roberts, kurš ir ceturtās paaudzes vīndaris šajā muižā, šodien šajā zīmolā ievieš gan inovācijas, gan modernitāti, vienlaikus saglabājot uzticību tradicionālajām Armagnac ražošanas metodēm, ko nodrošina gadiem ilga centība un meistarība.

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