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Kelt Les Quatre Vents The Four Winds XO Cognac

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Grande Champagne

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Kelt Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

Eye: Dark mahogany with flashes of ruby. 

Nose: Intense fragrances of narcissus, jasmine and honeysuckle. Rich in wood scents: oak, cedarwood and eucalyptus, followed by tobacco and cigar box aromas. The rancio is dominant throughout.

Palate: Tropical fruits such as passionfruit and lychee are accompanied by orange and ginger. Spiced with saffron and nutmeg, resulting in an explosion of flavours on the palate before leading to an extremely long finish.

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Kelt Les Quatre Vents The Four Winds XO Cognac

Kelt Les Quatre Vents The Four Winds XO Cognac has been crafted mainly from eaux-de-vie aged between 22 and 28 years, though some components in the blend are over 200 years old. The exact composition and details of the blend are a closely guarded secret known only to two persons within the company.

Les Quatre Vents, French for ‘the four winds’, is a tribute to the ocean maturation journey that is unique to Kelt Cognac. In the late 1980s Olev Kelt, the founder of the Maison, came across sizeable quantities of three extremely rare Cognacs which he combined to create the most exceptional Grande Champagne experience that he had ever had. Olev decided that 2800 bottles of each ‘wind’ would be made available, making a total of 11,200 bottles. The remaining liquid is reserved for the family, put aside for special occasions. 

All Kelt Cognacs are aged at sea, following a set route around the world. Safely stored on a westward-bound ship, the casks are filled to just under three-quarters full so that the liquid can move and has a large enough surface for the ideal amount of alcohol to evaporate. This voyage takes between 90 and 110 days, and when the casks return they are rested for around three to five months before being transferred to bottles. The aim is to produce Cognacs similar to those of the past, when many spirits were subjected to epic oceanic journeys. It’s even possible to track the location of current shipments via Kelt’s website.

Presentation of the Bottle

Unsurprisingly, this release is as classically stunning as all the other Kelt bottles. The long, slim neck descends into a bulbous shape, decorated only by a simple black label and stopper. Simple yet effective, this is a bottle that deserves pride of place in any collection. 

How to Enjoy Kelt Les Quatre Vents Cognac

This rare blend is best enjoyed neat at room temperature. Pour into a tulip glass and allow the Cognac to rest for a moment before taking a sip; this will allow the most complex aromas to develop for a fuller tasting experience. For an added element of luxury, enjoy alongside an espresso after a rich dinner - or even with a cigar. 

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À propos de Kelt Cognac

Produced purely from grapes grown in the Grande Champagne, Cognac Kelt is all about the traditions of old. To the extent where every oak barrel of Kelt eaux-de-vie is sent on a three month sea journey around the world – known as the Tour du Monde “ocean maturation”. Kelt Cognac produce a range of cognacs from a VSOP upwards to a speciality cognac, all bearing names that mirror their maritime voyage.

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