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Richard Delisle Vintage 1965 Fins Bois

Richard Delisle Vintage 1965 Fins Bois Cognac

Âge du cognac

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Appellation Contrôlée
Fins Bois

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Richard Delisle Cognac
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Notes de dégustation

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Eye: Brilliant, deep amber.

Nose: Intense and fruity with all the character of the Fins Bois still intact. Tropical hints are complemented by a rounded sweetness.

Palate: Structured and powerful with an abundance of fruit, spice and oak. 

Appellation (Cru) & sol: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Richard Delisle Vintage 1965 Fins Bois Cognac: Four Decades of Decadence

This stunning Richard Delisle Vintage 1965 Fins Bois Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie harvested in the fall of 1965 in the Fins Bois terroir. 

After spending some 45 years in the finest Limousin oak casks, the masters at the Richard Delisle estate have exceeded expectations by producing a vibrant vintage that has retained all the original fruity flavors of the eaux-de-vie (evidently balanced by oaky notes) despite its lengthy maturation.

Presentation of the Decanter

The Richard Delisle Vintage 1965 Fins Bois Cognac comes in a traditional bell-shaped decanter with a golden stopper and golden rope around the neck of the bottle. Information about the vintage is inscribed onto the glass itself and is presented in a wooden frame, housing this masterpiece of maturation as if it were a valuable work of art.

How to Enjoy

The Cognac is at 60.4% ABV, so be prepared for an intense drinking experience. Savor this stunning vintage slowly, so you can appreciate each individual aroma. This is a decadent Cognac to be enjoyed on a special occasion -- we suggest adding a little water to enhance its aromas and ensure a smooth sipping experience.

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À propos de Richard Delisle Cognac

Spanning across seven generations of family history, Maison Richard Delisle has been passed on father to son over more than two centuries. Richard Delisle cultivates on around 72 hectares of land which are located within three different towns: Bourg-Charents of Petite Champagne, Julienne and Saint Brice of Fine Bois and produce 100% Ugni-blanc grapes. Today, Alexis Cabanne, the owner and the cellar master of the company, represents the fourth generation of the distillery. He developed the trading activity of spirits on the traditional market, and then created Hawkins Distribution in 1999 for exporting. Now, Cognac Richard Delisle is exported worldwide.

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