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Maxime Pinard VS Cognac


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Maxime Pinard

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Eye: Young, straw yellow color

Nose: Fresh, exuberant, with subtle tones of the ocean

Palate: Excites with the thrill of youth, honeyed, powerful

Anbaugebiet (Cru) & Boden: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Maxime Pinard VS Cognac

The Maxime Pinard VS Cognac is a fine example of the best qualities that come from the youngest VS Cognac classification. Created from a blend of eaux-de-vie grown on the family estate located on the Ile d’Oleron, each component has been aged for a minimum of three years. A top-quality young blend that offers a multitude of uses.

The craft house of Maxime Pinard has been in existence since 1889, and today boasts vineyards of 90 hectares. The location, close to the Atlantic Ocean, leads to Cognacs with the unique taste of the sea grown into their very core. And this vibrant VS is certainly no exception.

Presentation of the bottle

Dressed in a simple, traditional style Cognac bottle, it is what's inside that impresses the most. Nevertheless, refined gold detailing and a pop of blue bring the bottle to life with elegance. An illustration of the casks is imprinted on the front of the label and hones in on the longstanding history that is carried with this Cognac. The ideal gift for someone looking to explore lesser-known Cognac brands or for those who appreciate vibrant Cognacs brimming with energy.

How to enjoy

This VS can be enjoyed in many ways - for those who enjoy the fire of youth, sip this Cognac neat or over ice. It’s a sweet blend that pairs exquisitely with tonic, or in a cocktail. And for those who love to add the exotic flavour of Cognac to their cooking, the house of Maxime Pinard recommends using this VS in traditional flambé recipes.

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Über Maxime Pinard

The tiny Cognac house of Maxime Pinard is located on the beautiful Ile d’Oleron, and is the epitome of a small, traditional, working producer and artisan brand. The expertise and passion of both Cognac and wine making has been handed down through the generations since 1889. Today they offer a small, delightful range of Cognacs that encompass each of the age qualities. The current owners show true entrepreneurial spirit, not only creating their Cognacs, wines, Pineaux, and liqueurs, but also have embraced tourism with the inclusion of a small holiday home where people can stay to further discover the delights of the region.

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