Meukow Cognac

Meukow Cognac

As the name suggests, Cognac Meukow is one of the few Russian Cognac brands in the Charente region. In 1862 two brothers were sent over to France to supply the Tsar with Cognac and decided to start their own Cognac distillery.

The brand has become known as the “jaguar liquor”, or the “panther liquor”, thanks to its distinctive bottle design. The big cat in question is in fact a puma, and today, with its famous logo, ranks among the most well-known Cognac brands in the world. Its qualities are strength, elegance, sensuality and exotism, the character traits of the puma.

The distillery is housed in Matha in the Charente Maritime, and are particularly celebrated for their VS Cognac, Vanilla Cognac liqueur and 90-Proof Liquor among many others.

Visit Meukow: 26 rue Pascal Combeau ,16101 Cognac ,+33 (0)545823210 ,Visit Meukow: 26 rue Pascal Combeau , 16101 Cognac , +33 (0) 545823210, please contact the Cognac house directly to arrange your visit.


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History of Meukow

Sent over by Tsar Alexander II in 1862 in order to find the best Cognac supplier for the Russian Royal Court, Auguste-Christophe (August) and Gustave (Karl) Meukow instead founded their own Cognac house, A.C. Meukow & Co in 1862.

The savoir-faire of Cognac Meukow

The power of blending and resulting suppleness is thanks to the dedication of Anne Sarteaux, Cellar Master of Meukow Cognac. Having been a part of the Maison Meukow since 2007, she continues the centuries-old savoir-faire that has been passed down through generations. 
After double distillation of the wines, the Cellar Master chooses eaux-de-vie to be aged in oak casks for at least two years. The eaux-de-vie selected by Meukow come from a range of the six different terroirs throughout the region.
Anne favors Cognacs from the Fine Champagne, comprising the Grande and Petite Champagne crus for their complex, floral character, and the Bons Bois, Fins Bois and Borderies for woody and fruity aromas.
Meukow Today

Today, Meukow belongs to the powerful CDG Group, one of the biggest commercial structures in the industry run by the Coste family, one of the most established families in cognac production.CDG, founded in 1969 and today run by Philippe Coste, is the umbrella to a number of other smaller cognac houses such as Réau, Foucauld, Georges-Courant, Brugerolle, Rouyer-Guillet, or Favreau.

Since the 1980s, Meukow has developed a strong international distribution network and is represented in all countries that import Cognac. It is steadily gaining in the US and Asian markets.

Meukow Awards and Accreditations

Meukow Cognacs have won numerous awards, for instance, the Cognac Trophy (Best Cognac of the Competition among all categories) from the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London in 2004. Or the Pack d’Or, an award for innovative packaging in 2003 and 2005.

The “Cognac with the panther on the bottle” is, in fact, a puma, and was designed by Philippe Coste in 1995.

Meukow Cognac Prices

A young Meukow VS Cognac can be purchased at around 30 Euros per bottle, while a Meukow XO with a golden panther will cost you 65 Euros. See our product listings for more information on Meukow prices. 

Meukow Tours

Housed in a historic property which became the headquarters of the Compagnie de Guyenne, it is one of the traditional 19th century Cognac maisons.
With both a modern and traditional atmosphere, there is a tour available to explore the estate. The building was designed by Michel Coste, and renovated by architect Pascale de Redon, respecting the artisanal methods and materials of this Cognac house.
Also available as part of the tour is the Chai Meukow, an old cellar renovated as a culinary workshop. This is a fantastic opportunity to savor Meukow Cognac alongside food pairing.
Contact Meukow directly to arrange visits.


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Anthenry 2018-01-04

They still sell it in Arizona! Plus you can special order it. I love all the ones I've tried.

Sir Demetrius Jones 2015-11-15

It does have a smooth taste & was going like hot cakes so it's definitely not discontinued.

Phuong 2013-09-02

These cognacs are discontinued. So save whatever you have and sell later. I have 3 bottles of XO from 10 years ago.

Bevelyn 2013-05-25

I would like to know where can i sell my A.C Meukow & Co Cognac bottle.

Bevelyn 2013-05-21

I have an old A.C.Meukow & Co. bottle with no year. I wonder how old is my bottle. Who should i get in contact with. I have submitted pictures of my bottle and have received no answer.

Linda Sixkiller 2013-04-09

Why is your products no longer sold in Washington state

Erich Koller 2012-08-02

why is there mewkow in ontario?

erich koller 2012-06-29

why is there longer meukow sold in Ontario, Canada

Linda 2012-04-11

I really enjoy the vanilla cognac and would like to know why it is no longer sold in Las Vegas NV?

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